Announcing a book I have authored

Hello all my RB friends -

I know it has been awhile since you all have heard from me but as I always say… there is the job, life and many other things that compose my world. Another reason I have not posted anything in awhile is… I have been working on a book which I’m thrilled to say has now been completed. The book consists of poetry and images, and if I may humbly say, came out great! It’s title is;

Goodness Is Found In The Life Wonderments Of… Wisdom – Dreams – Love – Faith

If you are interested, just click here and you can see the book and preview it.

The best to you all,


To all my RB friends

Again I’m finding myself wanting to let you all know that I have not been able to be on RB much of late doing what I enjoy… viewing and reading your works of art. My company is involved with some major projects which involves much traveling for me and some pretty long hours. It may continue for a bit longer so please understand, it is not a lack of desire but a lack of time that is preventing me from enjoying and commenting on the people I follow. Then there’s the time for my own writings and photography!! Gotta win the lottery, yup that’s the answer, then the time issue would be put to rest once and for all. Hmmm…. what numbers to play??


To my friends on RB

This is to all my RB friends –

I wanted to tell you all that I am not ignoring you or purposely not leaving comments on your wonderful works. It is simply that the last 2 to 3 weeks have been a nightmare for me due to my job and the fact that I have been busy doing some home improvement project that has taken most of my waking hours. Things are now slowing down and I will be back on RB relishing and commenting on the works of all my friends.

Thanks for understanding and bless you all.


A good thing for all

Hi my friends –

I wanted to let you all know of something that I am excited about, something that I think is a good thing. I have rarely promoted or recommended a certain artist let alone a group (other than the group I host, “Freedom To Shine”) to anybody but… there is a new group on RB called Art and ink so free whose purpose is one of goodness. It does not embrace a “cause” other than what is good, what can uplift, and gives it’s members the freedom to express this message via the written word as well as visual art.

The host of this new group is Russell Holder, a man who is dedicated to the success of the group. He has many good visions of where he wants to take “Art and Ink For Free”, all of which are positives for the artists comprising the membership, as well as for thos…

Trisha... RB will miss you

When I first joined RB I started to meet and make friends as most of us do. One person stood out as we became close, as we bonded on a level that few people do. Trisha (known as Pagly) and I connected in a way that was good for both of our souls. She believed in goodness and put her energy into selfless acts, living her beliefs as she gave unceasing to others. Professionally, she used her skills in the field of psychology to help her fellow human beings. She put her money into building an orphanage in a third world country as she had such a great heart for children in need. She was an accomplished concert pianist who gave her time and talent for charity. Trisha lived her life in a pro active way… not from the side lines. She lived her love.

Trisha had a very special place s…

Where have I been?

Hi friends, pals and fellow RBers ~

Yes… I am alive and doing well contrary to what some may think as I have not been as active on RB in the last months as I was for nearly two plus years. To state it simply, my life has had some major changes, one more than welcomed, the other a big pain in the butt! As many know I have now found love and a partner in life with Terilee and with her, a new family that I love and cherish. The pain is my job; the thing that brings the paycheck as well as much stress and long hours in these hard economic times. Both of these changes has resulted in less time on RB, and unfortunately less time to be creative… especially my writing. The time is coming where my creativity will be back to full swing but for right now my company demands much…

Writers are Artists too

To my family members in Freedom to Shine… Please, can we not hold each other up in our creative expressions?? I personally am a writer, much more than a photographer or an image maker. It is my passion and my greatest joy as an artist. I understand it takes time to read a written form of art, more than to view and look at a visual image. For those that take pleasure in reading and digesting the art penning thoughts and inspirations… you know the joy of it. Our group has some incredible poets and authors who would love some recognition of their talent. Julie and I have made it so easy for everyone in our group to be able to view and vote on written works of art (please check our home page) and I am now asking our family members to PLEASE give a little time to read, choose and vote in the w…

This is a biggy folks

Hi my friends ~

This is not something I usually do but… for some people though, it is a pure pleasure and delight to be able to do so.

I have a good and wonderful RB friend, Megan Dacy who is in a non RB photo contest and would love to get votes for here entry. Megan is a very accomplished young photographer and truly a super person. So if you all could please go HERE to vote for Megan’s photo. She and I would consider it an honor.

Thanks my friends



Hey everyone ~

I wanted to let all my friends know that I hit the 30,000 view mark. To everyone that has ever taken the time to come and check out what I do… I thank you so very much.


What bears do in the woods

Holy cow and what them bears do in the woods!!!

I’ve never written a journal entry telling of my works that have been featured but… this has been quite a month so I figured – why not!! I do want to thank all the hosts of the various groups for their kindness; it is humbling as well as being an honor that is gratefully appreciated.

“Crow on a Swing” ~ featured in: Live, Love, Dream

The Image of – “We Are” by TeriLee ~ featured in: Abstract Digital Art and Writing

Reflecting Calmness ~ featured in: Virginia

Like You and I ~ featured in; Bits and Pieces AND Abstract Digital Art and Writing

Hey Sam… …Hey Fred ~ featured in: Virginia

A Thought Smile ~ featured in: All the Colors of the Rainbow

Soul’s Window ~ featured in: Virgini

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