Roger Sampson

Riverside, United States

Just a guy who loves to write; poetry, lyrics, short stories and random thoughts it is my passion. Photography is my second passion.



Hey everyone ~

I wanted to let all my friends know that I hit the 30,000 view mark. To everyone that has ever taken the time to come and check out what I do… I thank you so very much.


What bears do in the woods

Holy cow and what them bears do in the woods!!!…

I’ve never written a journal entry telling of my works that have been featured but… this has been quite a month so I figured – why not!! I do want to thank all the hosts of the various groups for their kindness; it is humbling as well as being an honor that is gratefully appreciated.

“Crow on a Swing” ~ featured in: Live, Love, Dream

The Image of – “We Are” by TeriLee ~ featured in: Abstract Digital Art and Writing

Reflecting Calmness ~ featured in: Virginia

Like You and I ~ featured in; Bits and Pieces AND Abstract Digital Art and Writing

Hey Sam… …Hey Fred ~ featured in: Virginia

A Thought Smile ~ featured in: All the Colors of the Rainbow

Soul’s Window ~ featured in: Virginia

Dos Rainbows ~ featured in: All Things Poeti

going home to California

Hi Everyone – -

I should be back from Holiday sometime late tonight from my travels. I have had a super time with friends and my dear sweet mom.

There is so much to try to catch up on when I get back, I will do my best but PLEASE understand that trying to play catchup with a large watchlist is a hard thing to do. You all know I will do my best but it may come down to just starting over.

Thank-you all for understanding that in life there are times that other things break into the norm and routines get scrambled – adventures happen and time slips by.

I love you all – peace,

Big oh jet airliner...

After going through over two months of insane hours and having my brain feel like jello, I am going on a bit of a vacation for about a week or so – heading to the East coast to visit mom and a few super good friends. I will have access to a computer a time or two so PLEASE be patient if you do not hear from me ok friends.

Love you all

Internet connection woes

Been having cable internet connection problems again. It’s up right now but for how long, who knows. It’s a main "tap"in the street they will be replaced by Sunday evening they say!!!! If it’s not work – it’s the internet connection!!! What’s a guy to do??

Hang in there with me friends ok – please!!!


If ya love me you'll READ this!!!!!!

All my friend – -

I am so pleased to announce that I and my good friend Julie Alexander have been granted by RB to start and host our own group. There are going to be many exciting thing happening there, real cutting edge in Red-Bubbling that is going to be fun for the beginner to the best of the best. A place to have “FREEDOM to SHINE”

Please check us out at Freedom to Shine and join the party… It’s already a blast!!! What are ya waiting for… it was created for YOU!!


A note to all

Hi friends – -

To me it seems like ages since I have posted a writing. I am behind on leaving comments that’s for sure and even notes to friends. Trust me, all is well but… there are times my job requires alot of hours when special projects arise. The last couple of weeks especially that has been the case. There is light at the end of the tunnel however and some normality is starting to return – whew… thank goodness!!!!

So all my friends and pals, forgive me for delayed comments and communiques ok? I hope to catch up quite a bit this coming weekend – You all the best!!!!!!!!

Over worked Rog -

Please check out a little collab

Hi friends -

I saw a great piece of art by Madison Ellis entitled cutting I had previously written about this all too sad of a topic in a piece called “Where Shadows Cry”. Madi and I agreed that the two simply belonged together and she has added my words along side of her work.

Please have a look if you will. Self worth is hard to find for some people and sometimes the result leads to drastic measures such as “cutting.”

Thank you my friends,

A big thank-you

There is a very nice person out there some place that bought a card of “Timeless” that I posted just earlier today. I just wanted to say thank-you so very much!! If you want to let me know privately, I would love to thank you personally.

This leaves a warm feeling inside and one of great appreciation.

Thank you…


4th of July....Trip

Hey everyone – - -

Taking a little camping trip up to the mountains for some good old fashion peace and quiet and a chance to enjoy nature for the weekend!! Should be back Sunday evening sometime.

Hope all you guys have a GREAT weekend and see ya when I get back

Peace -


My cable service took a dive and I’m on a neighbors computer right now. High speed cable is great till it goes down. grrrrrrrrrrr. They say Thursday or Friday. So in the mean time…. it’s being nice to my neighbors (they are cool) so I can at least check in to see what’s happening but for a limmited time.

The one who sends me the best cheer-me-up comment or mail ….. heck, I’ll post a pic dedicated to ya. oh-oh, now I won’t get any mails or comments!!!

I just bummed out my friends =((

Sad Rog

Something to say and share

Hi my friends –…

I wanted to tell you all that I have been deeply blessed today – Yep I have!! I posted a pic just as a little gift to a sweet hearted child thinking it to be a nice little gesture… a nice thing to do.

Jordan’s Flower

What I have received back from this has so profoundly touched me, that it is hard to put into words. I received a million times more than I gave. Please my friends, go to this picture, even if you have already viewed it before, and read in the description area, Jordan’s reply given in her own words back to me.

This is what makes the world spin around. The purity of a three year olds words of how she felt when receiving a little gift. There is such honesty in it that only a child could display. I hope you will see and feel what I have, and some how

An Awesome Collaboration

I wanted to let all my great RB friends that bamagirl38 and I have collaborated again on a piece of work I am extremely proud of. Her photography and art work is beyond belief and the words are from one of my favorite writings that I have down. The work is entitled Heaven please check it out, and I hope you will enjoy it – it is special.

It is also entered into a contest on Live, Love, Dream

Love you guys,

A Collaboration Announcement

Hi there all my RB friends and buds – -

I wanted to let everyone know that I am really stoked about a collaboration that has been done. Bonita – (bamagirl38) – is such an incredibly fine photographer, her work just blows me away. She has graciously used my words with one of her beautiful sunset photographs – and it came out awesome!! Please check it out as well as Bonita’s photography – there’s no doubt you will like it.


And stay tuned as there will most definitely be more collaborations coming from us – Oh yeah!!!!!


Hi everyone

I’m sitting in a public library in Williamsburg, VA (only place I can get on a computer) and wanted to let everyone know I’m having a GREAT vacation. My mom is doing super and I hooked up with a very special friend while on the East coast (still dreaming of that)!! Will be back to the ole homestead this coming Sat and my favorite addiction – RB………I sure do miss everybody….a bunch!!!!

See you all soon,

Will be gone for a bit

Come the early hours of Thursday the 15th of may, I will be winging my way to good Virginia for a well deserved vacation. Going to see my mom (what a gal) and a few really good friends. Will be back about 8 days later. I have so many friends, pals and buddies here on RB – really going to be missing the chats and the art work. You my friends, every one of you, are the best.


A New Collaboration

Hi all my friends, pals and buddies ~~

I wanted to let everyone know that Loramae has written some beautiful words that goes perfectly with one of my pics so we did a collaboration (our first) which I am very proud of. She is an incredible writer who always speaks from her heart which is so clearly evident if you ever read her work.

Thanks Loramae – you are just so special


Something important to me

This morning early I read a poem on RB by Matt Richardson
entitled “Tragedy”. After corresponding with him, I found out
it was based on an actual event where he lives. The happening
tore Matt up inside and he had to write about it. It is a subject that
I have tried to write about before with little success….but today I
had to try again. It’s about evil…it’s about our children…it’s about
how we look at those whom we love the most and what we choose to give them to counteract the vile that some would impugn upon our little ones.…

I urge you please to read Matt’s poem – it is masterful. What I have written is simply my reaction, a reaction to a pure evil that I so strongly loath like none other in this world. I also wrote of goodness, that which is so much stronger and should be sought

A collaboration has been done

Hello all my friends -

Yes – this is a shameless plug but one I am so very thrilled about . I was honored by a very good friend of mine, Rosalie Dale, an incredibly gifted photographer whose works simply blow me away. Several of her photographs inspired my pen a flowing and she has posted our first collaboration together. It is her fantastic work and efforts that got it accomplished.

The piece is entitled; “She Remembers…”
Posted by; Rosalie Dale

Again, this I am thrilled about and I hope you will all enjoy Rosalie’s and my first collaboration.


Flat or Bald - "On The Road" question answerd

Well, people want to know which was flat and which was bald in the writing
“On The Road”. First I must say – yes – it was a real observation that happened some time ago, AND, no Arnold, I’m not the old tire. ( remember my friend, I don’t get even – I get ahead LOL ). Anyway, I was driving on a road one day and as I was slowing down for a stop sign, there was walking toward me on the sidewalk a young girl trying to do her best to look as punked out as possible. Just a few yards away was an old tire propped up against the curb still on it’s wheel. I saw both within a matter of seconds and bingo – the thought entered my mind. I laughed at the notion.…

The tire did not have a bit of tread left on it what so ever, was smooth as could be. The girl, who could not have been more than 12

Something to share with my friends

Hi all my RB buddies – -

Something I’ve never done before but something I’m compelled to do. I’ve found an artist on RB who just really blows me away with his artwork. You can check out my favorites for the link or simply go to Arnold Isbista He’s does the most amazing “Native” Canadian style paintings that are so very unique and pleasing to gaze upon, I just had to let my friends know about it.

I know you guys will be pleasantly surprised and delighted as I was, and still am.


A Thanks Expressed To All My RB Friends

I laughingly refer to my journal as; “My Kingdom”, the one place I can go and pretty much utter whatever it is I want to say. And as I always say – “It’s good to be king”.…

When I became a member of RB, I would have never of thought that I would have met so many wonderful people and make so many fantastic friends. It simply blows me away. So…to all my fellow RBians ( think I just coined a word here ), this is for you.

L istening eyes take in my rhyming words
O pening hearts share in my thoughts
V isions dance as I read what you give
E mbracing emotions in each word caught

Y our presence always feels warm
O ver great distances
U nder varied circumstances

A ccepting pieces penned from feelings
L ingering on comments
L aughing on communiqués

M y astonishing wonderful word mates
Y ou return so

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