Where have I been?

Hi friends, pals and fellow RBers ~

Yes… I am alive and doing well contrary to what some may think as I have not been as active on RB in the last months as I was for nearly two plus years. To state it simply, my life has had some major changes, one more than welcomed, the other a big pain in the butt! As many know I have now found love and a partner in life with Terilee and with her, a new family that I love and cherish. The pain is my job; the thing that brings the paycheck as well as much stress and long hours in these hard economic times. Both of these changes has resulted in less time on RB, and unfortunately less time to be creative… especially my writing. The time is coming where my creativity will be back to full swing but for right now my company demands much of my attention. Teri and the kids deserve and receive as much as I can give them… they are blessings :)

I miss being able to spend time at my computer viewing incredible art and reading verse that stirs the very heart of me. I still do so but find the time to leave remarks and comments the way I want to is rare to find. Most of all, I miss my RB friends. So many friends I have made (you know who you are) and the communications that mean so much to me have dwindled dramatically. I miss you all… some dearly.

Yes… I am doing well. I am happy. Life is good. Please know that RB is still a great part of my life and always will be; but life is what it is for right now and there is still only twenty-four in a day – grrr! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have not fallen off the edge of the world.

Blessings to all and… to a special friend… wink :)


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