Writers are Artists too

To my family members in Freedom to Shine… Please, can we not hold each other up in our creative expressions?? I personally am a writer, much more than a photographer or an image maker. It is my passion and my greatest joy as an artist. I understand it takes time to read a written form of art, more than to view and look at a visual image. For those that take pleasure in reading and digesting the art penning thoughts and inspirations… you know the joy of it. Our group has some incredible poets and authors who would love some recognition of their talent. Julie and I have made it so easy for everyone in our group to be able to view and vote on written works of art (please check our home page) and I am now asking our family members to PLEASE give a little time to read, choose and vote in the writing competition. As writers, we are proud of our work and want to share with others our talents and efforts. We support our image makers… please support us in what we do. You just might find the joy that is stirred by the written word.


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