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She and the Sun …dressed in long hair and loveliness… unimaginable ways God does not cause / bad things to happen. To My Friends L istening eyes take in my rhyming words / O pening hearts share in my thoughts / V isions dance as I read what you give / E mbracing emoti… Sometimes sometimes / you have to go back / to white / and black – Above Logic Love is not a definitive equation, / but greater than a never ending number. Where Hobbits Play They cool their feet at water’s edge / Hide and seek played amongst the trees / they cook up mushrooms that are found / that leaves a scent… My Light my light shines / more controllably / as I / understand / more fully / its true essence The Performance “I can see it” said the blind man. On The Road A young girl in rebellion / and / an old tire Quantum Choice A man once told me that / violence was his reality… Splash While splashing on sunshine / that was coming through / my window this morning, To J. She smiled and didn’t say anything. Things You Don’t Want To Hear A Doctor Say 1. Oops. / 2. Wow, never seen this before. / 3. Your wife will still love you. / 4. This is really, really going to hurt. That Magical Place Where there is always playing a stately waltz / sung by a twenty piece band Merry Christmas To The World And we’re filled with joy / Like every girl and boy / Yes it’s time for Christmas cheer Dawning Of A Day… the dawning of a day… / the dawning of a crystal sun / it’s climbing in the sky / has darkness scrambling on the run If Only Today Were Yesterday yes fools they say / look at memories / to guide way Hope the sadness of wetness / which covers the ground / brings worries of weakness / and a sorrowful frown We Both together / forever The Sea And Me my ship is sunk / and the sea / rules its bough A Night of Blues…A Song Sung the man wipes his mouth with a sweat / filled rag – his head moves with the pulse / of the bass – he grips the spit filled micr… smiling smiling is - Speed Of Thought something gained / I always sought / traveling by / the speed of thought The Farm’s A Very Lonesome Sight the hogs they are a squealin’ / cause they miss you so / the cows won’t give milk / the corn it won’t grow A Girl I Don’t Know Tears have filled rivers, / from a heart that never mended / wanting love from the one, / which never was extended Birth of a Song Sounds of things are sounding big / as an idea is set to turning At the beginning… and now Life… to live and be equal to all others. / Liberty… freedom from control, having independence. / A right to pursue happiness&… Things That Santa Claus Just Ain’t Gonna Gi… 1. A whale. / 2. The Island of Maui. / 3. A 250 gallon vat of cherry vanilla ice-cream. / 4. The ending of Beethoven’s unfinished s… A Six Pack of Six-Word-Stories #3 Cards showed full house, he raised. New Takes On Some Old Nursey Rhymes I am not under the alcofluence of incohol / though some thinkle peep I am. Head Storm when light sounds soft / gliding through distant clouds… The – Up For 24 Straight Hours – Poem it’s not easy – it just takes time / time to find – a simple rhyme To Trisha Your the kind of person / that gives away smiles for free Free …living on Earth is the only / way I can love her Himalayan Hero He’s the fool that sits on the hill / sitting all alone, / and sitting very still Do They Know They act as if they hadn’t a / care in the world, or as if they were / in love with the cool breeze that / caresses them gently. It’s A Crying Shame – The Lottery Tic… The clock on the wall was saying that the Lottery drawing was about to begin as Chuck was already sitting in front of the TV with ticket in… A Mind Seed She started into slowing / Looked back a smile showing Favorite Feelings What’s your favorite feeling / is it a tickle or a caress, / does it give you goose bumps / or a sigh of wantonness. Jen Little hands reaching out / wanting to touch and feel Christmas Eve Christmas Eve, is such a special time for me Untitled a sinking sun is / just like a pair / of stoned eyes, Crystal Memories In my hand a glass I am holding / Sparkling from sunlight / That shines in my mind The Walk then with a flash, I looked and there to see / in my narrow path of walk / a man with his finger pointing at me / saying he would like to t… Simple Fact A Saturday morning / without / biscuits & gravy It’s A Crying Shame – The New House Even foregoing the luxury of owning a car, Chuck would peddle to where he needed to go on an old bicycle he picked up at a garage sale. A Candle Is Burning The light is steady, almost sterling / as it calmly permeates the wall behind it. It’s A Crying Shame – The Rich Uncle As the reading of the will started Chuck was surprised / to learn that His great uncle Chester had amassed a / very large amount of wealth … One Spring Day The sun comes and breaks the slumber of the trees Yespoem Soaring deeper, away towards the middle, / where mountains come out of the sky… Pleasantries That Contribute To Your Happiness A hug that lasts longer than ten seconds A Six Pack of Six-Word-Stories #2 Felt love – had to have it. Dream Flying The sun in my head / is about to set / fading away… Beer Bottle Blues Good is gonna get ya / when the sun is bright Escape Route The lights are sounding big now / as I approach my front door. Concrete Pages lonely, lonely / togetherness / lonely / What does it take to live a tomorrow? A Six Pack of Six-Word-Stories #1 Morning light – sleeping in – cuddling up. Shallow Longings The party is all over / and I’m walking out the door. A Dreay Night I can hear the rain between flashes and crashes, / playing its cadence upon my thin tin roof. The Eating Thing I’m casing out my nutriments / and all my vitamins too