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Wollstonecraft, Australia

Hello! / I’m Roger Barnes, a creative photographer from Sydney, Australia. / Here you’ll find an assortment of my best landscape and...

Dreaming of biiiig prints (Tokyo mega-panorama)

I uploaded the first really big panorama that I took back in March 2006 to It only weighs in at 0.2 gigapixels, which is small compared to some others on the site, but is still good for a jolly ol’ armchair exploring session (cheaper than another airline ticket, at least).

“Check it out”: and see what you can find!

I’m wondering what the maximum advised pixel size is for uploading such an image for a large print on redbubble, keeping in mind the 20Mb maximum file size and 24 inch longest edge .

At 300dpi, a 24 inch wide panorama would require 7200 pixels across, less than 1/3 the size of the original. :)

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