Rodney Johnson

Rodney Johnson

San Francisco, United States

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I’m a lifelong and pure hobbyist; I just do this for fun! After wanting one for over 25 years (and shooting a lot of 35mm), I finally got a Hasselblad (and later a Mamiya)! Someday, I suspect I’ll graduate to larger film formats (even if they stop making film, I’ll probably make my own), probably when digital SLR sensors catch up to Medium format film (at a reasonable price). At that point I’ll break down and buy another car (I’ve been car-less for many years, but those Large Format outfits are too big to fit in a backpack)!

If you’re really interested in some of these images, Email me and we can negotiate some custom made Selenium-toned photographic (non-digital) silver gelatin prints on fiber paper, which will are unbelievably sharp as well as being the highest archival quality (they will literally last 100s of years before noticeably fading). I can also make the original negatives and transparencies available for magazine production if need be (if that’s even done anymore, or I can have digital images made from drum-scans, if that is preferred).

Thanks for the interest!

Rodney A. Johnson
San Francisco, California, USA

  • Age: 51
  • Joined: July 2010

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