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A few years ago, Montanans voted, with an overwhelming majority, to legalize medical marijuana. Since then several distribution centers have opened across the state. Recently, our state legislature decided that we were all morons and that they needed to protect us from ourselves.

They passed a law, Senate Bill 423, which bans distribution centers and punishes any doctor who prescribes to more than 25 new patients in one year. This seems to make sense at first glance. However, it doesn’t take into account specialists, like doctors who treat cancer patients. This will force them to choose which patients will have to suffer through chemotherapy. Eye doctors will have to limit the glaucoma patients who would benefit from this drug.

Governor Brian Schweitzer, who doesn’t agree with the bill and won’t sign it, says he will hold his nose and let the bill pass without his signature.

By closing distribution centers, all patients will have to grow their plants themselves, something that will be difficult for the people who need the treatment the most. The law does allow a provider to grow plants for up to three people, as long as they don’t pay for the service.

Read the article in the Missoulian. Also read how the medical marijuana growers are fighting back here. Yes, that is RB’s Bryan Spellman in the photo.

- – - – - – - -

May 14, 2011 – Today, a Helena judge ordered the state of Montana to not enforce the law banning medical marijuana providers from advertising because it is a violation of their constitutional right to free speech.

Attorneys for the Montana Cannabis Industry Association have filed a brief asking the court to overturn Senate Bill 423, which became law yesterday.

[from the May 14, 2011 article in the Missoulian]

In a separate motion seeking an injunction to strike down the law, the attorneys asked the court to declare that SB423 violates the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights to equal protection, privacy, dignity, freedom of speech and due process. It also mentioned their right to pursue life’s basic necessities, including personal health and their right against unreasonable searches and seizures.

In a separate legal brief seeking an injunction against the law, the plaintiffs note that from the initiative’s passage in 2004 until 2011, several legislative sessions barely touched the Medical Marijuana Act.

“However, in a feeding frenzy that can appropriately be dubbed its moment of ‘reefer madness,’ the Montana Legislature spent considerable time in repeated attempts to undo the enactment of the people,” the brief said.

The 2011 Legislature first passed House Bill 161, which sought to repeal the medical marijuana law in its entirety. Schweitzer vetoed that bill.

Then lawmakers passed SB423, which the attorneys called “a thinly veiled attempt to accomplish what the vetoed HB161 could not – the outright repeal of the MMA (Medical Marijuana Act).”

It does so by seeking to “choke off access to medical marijuana for those in need by eliminating caregiver producers,” by limiting to three the number of patients a provider can serve and by prohibiting any payment to the producer, the brief said.

It said that law then takes “a ham-fisted swipe at the ability of medical doctors to certify patients in medical need by creating oppressive features” intended to dissuade physicians from recommending the use of medical marijuana.

“Worse yet, the users who by definition suffer from a ‘debilitating medical condition’ are virtually branded as second-class citizens, ranging from serious intrusions into the doctor-physician relationship, to warrantless and unannounced searches,” the brief said.

A critical problem with the 2011 changes is that they effectively eliminate producers, the brief said, leaving medical cannabis to “somehow spring up by immaculate conception and be timely available to those patients in need,” the plaintiffs’ brief said.

It cited plaintiff Charlie Hamp, 79, whose wife, Shirley “Butch” Hamp, suffered from cancer of the esophagus and had an esophagectomy, a serious surgery, that resulted in her weight dropping from 105 pounds to 88 pounds. Doctors suggested she try medical marijuana, and she laces her coffee with a marijuana tincture every morning.

“Under the amendments, her caregiver will be out of business,” the brief said. “Of necessity, under the law, her ‘provider’ will now become her husband. … He is reluctant, but there is no alternative. But Charlie has not a clue about how to obtain seedlings, beginning the grow process, cultivating the plants, how long this will take or ultimately how to manufacture the necessary tincture for his debilitated wife.”

All proceeds from sales of these Tees will go toward helping the Montana Cannabis Industry Association fight this new law.


  • Jaclyn Hughes
    Jaclyn Hughesalmost 4 years ago

    LOVE IT! I know someone in Montana who grows it for medicinal purposes… legally.

  • I know a couple of people, one on RedBubble, who grow it, and several people who use it medicinally. I had been looking into getting a prescription for Chris so that he could stop having to take morphine. It’s ironic that our government would rather have people addicted to narcotics than using pot to treat pain.

    – rocamiadesign

  • Scott Bricker
    Scott Brickeralmost 4 years ago

    ain’t it just frikkin’ totally insane!??? the most useful, human-friendly plant on earth is illegal…the pathetic legacy of one evil man…Harry Anslinger…and also illegal the world over because of the ‘treaty’ that virtually every country signed, under duress of witholding US aid…just evil.
    nice shirt Kathleen! yes!

  • Thanks, Scott! Of course the illegal growers don’t want it legalized because it will drive the prices down and the government doesn’t want it legalized because they will lose all those illegal revenues they get from seizing property. This is a case where the opponents are working together to keep it from being legalized.

    – rocamiadesign

  • sfmilner
    sfmilneralmost 4 years ago

    Greetings Kathleen; Great Tee, stupid law!!!

  • Thanks, Steve! I agree with you.

    – rocamiadesign

  • Jaclyn Hughes
    Jaclyn Hughesalmost 4 years ago

    Of course, so that the govt and the insurance companies and pharm companies can keep making their money. If you can grow it and use it yourself, you wouldn’t be paying all that crap.

  • GiselaSchneider
    GiselaSchneideralmost 4 years ago

    fantastic message and write up Kathleen, good for you !!!!

  • Bryan D. Spellman
    Bryan D. Spellmanalmost 4 years ago

    Kathleen, thank you so much for this. MCIA (the Montana Cannabis Industry Association) will be so grateful.


  • You’re welcome, Bryan! I hope this little bit helps. Good luck in your fight against this idiotic law!

    – rocamiadesign

  • BingoStar
    BingoStaralmost 4 years ago

    It is a shame that people are not able to judge what they think is best for their own bodies and have to depend on Medicine that has more side effects than its good for. What a mixed signal this sends out to the world around us. Medical Marijuana could and is so helpful in so many ways to make life easier for so many many people. Everyone should have the right to choose how to heal their body and NOT have to do without what they feel is best for them. I feel we need to look at the future NOT the past for answers…

  • You are absolutely right! My son doesn’t go to traditional doctors because he believes in holistic healing and using different kinds of herbs and a healthy diet. When he was working construction, he was forced to pay almost $800 a month for insurance and they wouldn’t pay for him to go to an herbalist.

    – rocamiadesign

  • BingoStar
    BingoStaralmost 4 years ago

    That is right and it is not fair. There are so many people who really need to have a different way to go on their healing and yet the government complains about the cost of health care but at the same time refuses to use a BETTER much cheaper way. It is just not right. California is a little easier but they still fight us at every turn and put so many people in jail for What!! If they let all the Pot people out of jail that would save them a whole lot too.

  • Chris Armytage™
    Chris Armytage™almost 4 years ago

    Laws are asses and so are the people who make them! One of my family members (and numerous other unfortunate people) was just last week denied by government the only medication available to keep her alive. Our family are devastated, appalled and fighting back! Love your statement here Kathleen, well done!

  • There is something fundamentally wrong with a society where politicians can tell the doctors how to do their jobs. The politicians do not have patients lining up in their offices for a diagnosis. There’s a reason we choose to turn to a person with 8 or more years of college education for help. Your family member will be in my prayers.

    – rocamiadesign

  • Rene Fuller
    Rene Fulleralmost 4 years ago

    That’s Democracy. You vote yes, but they do what they want anyway. Some call it corrupt, as in special interest groups. What to do? Move to China:)

  • It’s a sad thing when the public finally realizes that their votes really don’t count. Montana’s citizens have always known that their votes for president don’t count, since the winner is usually announced before our votes have even been counted. Voters initiatives seemed to be the one way that we had a voice in our government.

    It’s interesting that, on the same day the governor allowed this bill to become law without his signature, he signed another bill, SB 125, “that prohibits state government from administering the federal health reform law’s requirement that all citizens must have or buy health insurance by 2014.” He had the guts to stand up to the federal government, but wouldn’t veto a law that defied the voters’ wishes.

    – rocamiadesign

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