Columbia Falls, United States

Features for January

Thank you to the following groups for featuring our art in January!

A Place to Call Home for “Abandoned Dreams”.
Along the Rural Road for “Yankee Flats”.
Amazing Blurs for Colleen’s “Esperanza”.
Art Universe for “Winter Overture”.
Artists Universe for “For Eternity”.
Artists With Disabilities for “For Eternity”.
Backyard Photography/Art for “Frozen Trees 2”.
Blue Hue for “Giving Thanks for the Holiday Season”.
Color Me a Rainbow for “Rusty Gnarl”.
Digital Art at Its Best for “Simple Moebius Julia”.
Disability and Beauty for “Foggy Morning” and “For Eternity”.
Featured for a Challenge for “Whispering Pines”, “Siren Song”, Shaun’s “Cold Day” and Jimmy’s “Gateway Arch” and “Caldera”.
Freedom of Expression for “Not in Kansas”, “Seduction” and “Winter Overture”.
Good Morning Sunshine for Colleen’s “All Things Must Pass”.
Great Plains of North America for “Sunset Reflections” and “Yankee Flats”.
ImageWriting for “Inspiration”.
Marmara for “Lewis & Clark Caverns 4”.
Montana for “Hotel Meade 2” and “Lewis & Clark Caverns 4”.
New Creations of Beautiful Color for “Foggy Morning”.
Rainbow for “Natural Paint” and Colleen’s “Winter Barn”.
Stunning Scenery Favorites for “Glacier Park Autumn 3”, “Foggy Morning” and Shaun’s “Salmon Lake Reflections”.
Temporary Host Helpers for “Anita” and “A Forever Promise”.
The Fabulous Prairies for “Foggy Morning”.
The Group for “For Eternity”.
The Wild West Show for “Glacier Park Autumn 3”.
The World As We See It for “Foggy Morning” and Colleen’s “Esperanza”.
This and That for “Foxtails 2”.
This, That and the Other Thing for “Yankee Flats”.
Tuesday Afternoon for “For Eternity”.

Our featured art:

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