December 2011 Features

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Thank you to the following groups for featuring our art in December!

A Fractal Energy Passion for “Season of Giving”.
A Home for Black Pets for Jimmy’s “Hypnotic”.
Amazing Blurs for Colleen’s “All Things Must Pass”.
Around the World for “A Time for Miracles”.
Art Universe for “Fractal Cubism Christmas”, “Tangled Woods” and “Season of Giving”.
Artists Universe for “Fractal Cubism Christmas” and Colleen’s “All Things Must Pass”.
Artists with Disabilities for “Season of Giving”.
Avant-Garde for “Season of Giving”.
Backyard Photography/Art for “Little Punkins”.
Blue Hue for “A Victorian Christmas”.
Candid Photographs for Colleen’s “Andrew 2”.
Cards for Sale for Shaun’s “Penguin Holiday Card”.
Cat’s Pajamas for Shaun’s “Meowy Christmas Card”.
Color Me a Rainbow for “Tree Trimming”, “Holiday Blessings” and Shaun’s “New Life”.
Cottage Living for “Giving Thanks for the Holiday Season”, “Christmas Cheer”, “A Time for Miracles” and “A Victorian Christmas”.
Country Bumpkin for “Giving Thanks for the Holiday Season” and Shaun’s “Holiday Spirit Card”.
Creation for Shaun’s “Holiday Spirit Card”.
Creative Cards & Calendars for “Christmas Tree 2”.
Deviants Redbubblers for “Giving Thanks for the Holiday Season” and Shaun’s “Meowy Christmas Card”.
Digital Art at Its Best for “Happy Holidays”.
Digitalis Art Magazine for “Simple Moebius Julia”.
Disability and Beauty for Colleen’s “Cold Mountain”.
Divine Diptych for Colleen’s “Whispers”.
Doggie & Kitty Paradise for Shaun’s “Meowy Christmas Card”.
Fractal Abstracts for “Christmas Tree 2”.
Fractal Art Frenzy for “Simple Moebius Julia”.
Fractal Combinations for “Schizophrenia”, “Tangled Woods” and “Christmas Tree 2”.
Fractal Paradise for “Schizophrenia”.
Freedom of Expression for “February”.
From the Earth for “Lewis & Clark Caverns 1”.
Globes, Spheres and Curves for “Spring Dreams”.
Great Plains of North America for “Bannack, Montana” and “View into Glacier National Park”.
Groovy Kitty Cats for Shaun’s “Meowy Christmas Card”.
High Quality Images for “A Victorian Christmas”.
Hosting Tutorial Class for Colleen’s “Veiled Passions”.
In His Name for “Frozen Trees 2”.
Indigenous Artists for Shaun’s “Salmon Lake Reflections”.
Inspirational Greeting Cards for “Peace, Love and Joy Card”.
Live, Love, Dream for “Holiday Blessings”.
Marmara for Jimmy’s “Alamo Detail”.
Metallic Junction for “Metalwork Flowers”.
Mountains in Time for Colleen’s “Cold Mountain”.
Mustard Seeds and Lilies for “Frozen Trees 2”.
New Creations for “Season of Giving”.
No! No! Not the Comfy Chair for Shaun’s Holiday Spirit Card".
Pastels & Whites for Colleen’s “All Things Must Pass”.
Pictures With the WOW Factor for Colleen’s “Cold Mountain”.
Rainbow for “Easter Parade”, “Holiday Blessings”, “Hotel Meade 2”, “Hopeful New Year”, “Autumn Feast”, Brian’s “Holy Night Card” and Colleen’s “Whispers”.
Redfield Plugins for Colleen’s “All Things Must Pass”.
Rural Around the Globe for Colleen’s “Cold Mountain”.
Scenery for Shaun’s “Not a Mirage”.
Sculpture for “Never Forget 3”.
Shutterbugs for Shaun’s “Cold Day”.
Snaptacular for “Depot Park”.
Special Occasions for Brian’s “Holy Night Card” and Shaun’s “Penguin Holiday Card”.
Stunning Scenery Favorites for Colleen’s “Cold Mountain”.
Superbly Visual for “Frozen Trees 2”, Shaun’s “View of Kalispell” and Colleen’s “Cold Mountain”.
Temporary Host Helpers for “A Clash of Beauty” and “Sunset Reflections”.
The Best of RedBubble for “Lake MacDonald”.
The Compact Group for Colleen’s “Cold Mountain”.
The Designers Corner for “Happy Holidays”.
The Goofy House for Shaun’s “Santa’s Naughty List Card”.
The Power of Photography for “A Victorian Christmas”.
The World Around Us for “Woodland Park”.
The World As We See It for “Season of Giving”, Colleen’s “All Things Must Pass” and Shaun’s “Meowy Christmas Card”.
Theme Thursday – Feature Friday for “Holiday Blessings”, “Happy Holidays” and Jimmy’s “Hypnotic”.
This & That for “Season of Giving”.
Today I Am Thankful For for “Buddies”.
Unnoticed, Unseen and Undiscovered for “Tree Trimming 2”.
Wildflowers of North America for “Wild Sunshine”.

Our featured art:

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