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Columbia Falls, United States

November Features

Thank you to all of you who sent your words of condolences and encouragement! Being on RedBubble and talking to all my friends here has been a life saver for me. November was a better month for us and it’s great to be back!

Thank you to Red Bubble for putting Jimmy’s “Hypnotic” on the RB homepage and to Jacqueline Ison for submitting the homepage layout!

Thank you to the following groups for featuring our work in November!

A Class of Its Own for “El Dorado” and “Autumn Feast”.
All Out Emotion for “Buddies”.
Amazing Orton Effect for “Whispering Pines”.
Americas ~ Rural, Urban, Wild and Free for Colleen’s “Winter Barn”.
Art by Bubble Hosts for “Tree Trimming”.
Art Universe for “Happy Holidays”.
Artists Universe for “Tree Trimming” and “Happy Holidays”.
Cee’s Fun Nikon Group for Shaun’s “Salmon Lake Reflections”.
Color Me a Rainbow for “Spring Rainbow”, “60’s Love”, “Love Forever Card” and “Ice Sculpture”.
Deviants Redbubblers for a special feature of 12 of my artworks and for Colleen’s “Peek”.
Down on the Farm for “Abandoned Dreams”.
Featured for a Challenge for “Autumn Oak” and “Bannack, Montana”.
Flowers – Fruits – Berries & Vegetables for “Sunshine (Black-Eyed Susans)”.
Fractal Combinations for “Here There Be Monsters”.
Freedom of Expression for “Happy New Year 2”.
Friends of RedBubble for “Country Garden”.
Great Plains of North America for “Glacier Autumn 3” and “The End of Indian Summer”.
Herbal Collection for “Life Finds a Way”.
Hosting Tutorial Class for “Last of the Dragons”.
ImageWriting for “Gnosis” and “Hidden Pearl”.
In the Pink for “Spring Dreams”.
Montana for “Hotel Meade 1”.
Nature in Its Entirety for “Frozen Trees 2”.
Nature’s Symphony of Trees and Flowers for “Frozen Trees 2”.
Peace, Love & Tranquility for “Riverfront”. This was actually featured in October but I missed the message while I was offline.
RAIN! The Good, the Bad & the Ugly for “Stormy Montana Farm”.
Rainbow for “The Camptown Ladies”.
Seasons Change for “Frozen Trees 2”.
Seeing RED for “Holiday Blessings”.
Special Moments for “Buddies”.
Temporary Host Helpers for “Even the Wild Things Sing”.
The Group for “Here There Be Monsters” and “Simple Moebius Julia”.
The Power of Photography for “Whispering Pines”.
The Scavenger Hunt for Jimmy’s “Moonrise over Glacier Park”.
The Spirit of the Season for “Tree Trimming 2”.
The World As We See It for “Frozen Trees 2”, Shaun’s “Salmon Lake Reflections”, Brian’s “Campfire Memories” and Colleen’s “Peek”.
This & That for “Giving Thanks for the Holiday Season”.
Top Favorites for “Whispering Pines”.
Where On Earth Is This? for Colleen’s “Peek”.
Wildflowers of the World for “Life Finds a Way”.
You Big Softy for Jimmy’s “Hypnotic”.
Your Country’s Best for “Frozen Trees 2”.

Our featured art:

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