Today I have had the honour of being featured 3 times soooo exciting but no one but a fellow Red Bubbler can understand the pleasure this brings to me so I felt I had to share this with you all and to thank my Hosts .
The Hamilton Headframe, Kalgoorlie.W.A. and
Pink House Gwalia,W.A.Were featured in*An Outcast Somewhere*
Petunia Pot. Featured on Hand Painted or Drawings of Happines or Joy!!
A few days ago my photo
Fallen Asleep in Jesus was featured on Goldrush and Ghost Towns
The York Hotel Hannan St,Kalgoorlie.W.A.Unique Buildings of the Worldand An Outcast Somewhere
Federal HotelArt at its Best
Hanging Rock,Kookynie.W.A. Landscape Painters
Johney Jump Up Just Watrecolours
Petunia Pot* Just Watercolours*

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