COMPLY by Robin Brown



Sorry, we’re not allowed to use the English word OBEY anymore!


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Life is too serious, we only live a little; we need to laugh a lot!

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  • Irina Chuckowree
    Irina Chuckowreeabout 1 year ago

    I ain’t saying nothing! in English :)

  • American English!
    If there is such a thing.
    My Lawyer says we can serve America with a gagging order!
    They wont be able to speak or write in English ever again!
    :o) lol xx

    – Robin Brown

  • Irina Chuckowree
    Irina Chuckowreeabout 1 year ago

    that’s outrageous! about the copyright issue, I mean.
    I guess they didn’t like your font :)

  • The Font wasn’t American either!

    – Robin Brown

  • Photography  by Mathilde
    Photography b...about 1 year ago

    I am pleased to see that you “OBEYed” them Robin – wouldn’t want you getting into any trouble, would we ???? – do you think I shall get a slap over my wrist as I used THAT word – I found this definiation on the web – late 13c., from Old French obeir “obey, be obedient, do one’s duty” (12c.), from Latin obedire, oboedire “obey, be subject, serve; pay attention to, give ear,” lit. “listen to,” from ob “to” (see ob-) + audire “listen, hear” (see audience). Same sense development is in cognate Old English hiersumnian. Related: Obeyed; obeying. – makes interesting reading !!! ;-o) xx

  • Intersting reading indeed & an intersting T-shirt me thinks :o) Ta Mattie xx

    – Robin Brown

  • artwhiz47
    artwhiz47about 1 year ago

    This is a bunch of crap, & no mistake. Cripes, Robin. I love Mattie’s comment with its lesson in etymology. And then there’s ‘comply’ which is from Old French & Latin & stuff, & where are the Old French language police, I ask you? Disney has cornered the market on ridiculous lawsuits over copyright infringement in the U. S. of A., but in the Land of the Litigious, nothing goes unpunished, it seems. I like this in either form, & yes, I shall comply to the best of my ability (& inclination). Good work, R***n.

  • America seems to have appointed itself as a global authority on pretty much everything!
    Which is very sad & deeply concerning.
    Its no wonder people dislike America.
    The bigger issue is that ordinary Americans are regarded in the same manner because of this omnipetant attitude.
    Rubs me up the wrong way. It would make me chuckle if America was taken to court & banned from using the English Language!
    :o) xx

    – Robin Brown

  • John44
    John44about 1 year ago…I am sure the orders from the Cremlin will roll in soon Robin

  • Naw they’re cool about it :o) lol

    – Robin Brown

  • John44
    John44about 1 year ago

    ps..compliments to Mattie’s research :-)
    Hope they don’t send you to Siberia !!!!!!!!!!

  • Its warmer there than here right now!

    – Robin Brown

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