Robin who? A bit of info to let you get better acquainted with me and my art.

Name: Robin Spring Bloom (really)

Hometown: Weatherly, PA (at the edge of the Pocono Mountains)

Alma Mater: Penn State, BA, General Arts (emphasis on Art History)

Painting (seriously) since:2002

Favorite Day: Wednesday
Every Wednesday I head to the studio of artist, Tim Weaver, Headmaster of "The Wednesday Painters " group, a band of local artists who meet weekly to create and discuss art over coffee.

Favorite media: Watercolor (alone or in combo with) quill/ pen and ink. The quills I use are wild turkey feathers sharpened to a point.

A few inspirations: Americana, vintage ads, farmhouse kitchens and ghost stories.

Favorite subjects: Still Lifes, Romantic Ladies and Fanciful Creatures like my whimsical owls.

I want to give my viewer: Art that conveys nostalgia, whimsy and old fashioned comfort.

  • Joined: August 2009