More Octochimpy Goodness Arrived !!!!!!

Yay ! It arrived ! another amazing piece of octochimpy goodness !!! This time by the great Lloyd Harvey
This is a digital painting of King Octochimp as seen in my The Last Octochimp comic collaboration project.
Here’s Lloyd’s original of this work:

You’ll notice that the original has the crown floating, much like my octochimp logo : but Lloyd did two versions of this work for me; the other one having the crown on the head and I decided to get the print done of that one.

I’m a big fan of Lloyd’s work and I’m so stoked by this tribute work so I had to get it on a canvas to hang in my office to hang alongside some of other awesome works from the this project.

Check out the rest of Lloyd Harvey’s fantastic work HERE

And here’s a peak at some o…