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Shortcut to Success : teaser

remember the S2S articles? .. didn’t think you’d get to see one ever again?.. well be prepared to be surprised, excited, and whatever other emotions you think you might enjoy !!!! (yes, that’s right. 4 exclamation marks, no less. I’ve never used more than 3 before, and even then I felt like I might have been overstating my case in a shameful shameful way, but this time I feel good about it)….

…that is all.

NEW LAYOUT - I like it !

The new Redbubble layout…. I like it. Being a business owner and having some experience with web design may give me a different perspective. It seems I’m the only one who does like the new layout. I think the reason most members don’t like it is because they see Redbubble as a forum. It’s all about the comments and replies on works. So any change which down-plays that element will be seen as a bad thing.
Don’t get me wrong, I think the community part of Redbubble is extremely important, so those criticisms are perfectly valid. But consider how you would improve the commercial appeal of the site for buyers who are not active members (and probably not interested in the chatting). What changes would you have made to make that side work better? If that is to be considered at all, something has…

iPad Inspiration

I got an iPad yesterday. why? because I needed a new toy. But also for two actual good reasons; reading books and having a play with drawing/painting on it. I was first inspired to do so by the following video by Olechka:

and then I saw this one by Jim Lee:

and there are so many more. I wouldn’t have believe such awesomeness could be created with what can really only be called finger painting… amazing amazing finger painting. So this weekend I will be having more of a play to learn the ropes. Wish me luck !! :)

Fed up with the lies about me

Somehow in the waving of pitchforks that has been going on around here lately I became one of those labelled as an evil doer. Those who know me will be as surprised as I was to hear this, so I’ll explain how it happened.…

Those who have been following me for a while will know that I wrote a series of tongue-in-cheek articles called “Shortcut to Success” totalling 9 separate articles spanning well over a year. These articles were a mock tribute to those RB members who were serial copy-and-pasters, taking work from where ever they could find it and posting it here as their own work. The only members targeted were those who exclusively did this. We are not talking about honest people who made the occasional innocent mistake, having failed to understand the basics of copyright law. No, we al

How do you know if you're depressed?

I know this sounds like a stupid or even rhetorical question. So let me clarify it a bit further. What I mean is; how do you know you’re clinically depressed and not just environmentally depressed? In other words are you depressed because of your situation or environment, or is your assessment of the situation darkened because you are depressed? Can there even be one without at least some influence of the other? And if your ability to assess the gravity of a situation is impaired how would you know it yourself? Can you rely on your own judgement?

More Octochimpy Goodness Arrived !!!!!!

Yay ! It arrived ! another amazing piece of octochimpy goodness !!! This time by the great Lloyd Harvey
This is a digital painting of King Octochimp as seen in my The Last Octochimp comic collaboration project.
Here’s Lloyd’s original of this work:

You’ll notice that the original has the crown floating, much like my octochimp logo : but Lloyd did two versions of this work for me; the other one having the crown on the head and I decided to get the print done of that one.

I’m a big fan of Lloyd’s work and I’m so stoked by this tribute work so I had to get it on a canvas to hang in my office to hang alongside some of other awesome works from the this project.

Check out the rest of Lloyd Harvey’s fantastic work HERE

And here’s a peak at some of the other great work stacking up on this proje

lunch in Sydney

I’m in Sydney until about 1pm when I head back over to the airport. If anyone wants to catch up for lunch or show me something interesting in the city let me know.

no more androids !

ok, seriously.. quit it with the androids. I get it. android this, android that. Let’s just change the subject. Make me something out a mushroom. Really, mushrooms are cool. Get to it ! And if you don’t like mushrooms, try making something out of yoghurt. It’s not cool like mushrooms, but it’s good for you. Enough said.

Best Losers Award ! Yay !

I recently entered a t-shirt design derby on shirt.woot.com. It’s a funny system over there. They allow new entries for 4 days, but voting begins at the same time. Then they close off the new entries and let voting run for 1 extra day. So it means that the earlier you enter the sooner you start collecting votes for your design. I put my entry in on the 3rd day, made a few mistakes and then had to resubmit it on the final day, so I didn’t have much of a shot at winning…. but wait ! I did get an award. It’s called the “Best Losers Award”.
Here’s my design:

..and here’s the blog site for the competition where my design is awarded one of 6 places for most popular losing entry:
There were about 150 entries, many of which were absolutely amazingly good, so I am so stoked by th

shirt.woot entry - take 2

..and, let’s try that again. I entered this competition but I didn’t realise the design should be limited to 6 colours. So here’s my second attempt :

I hope I’ve got it right this time ! :) stop by and vote if you get a spare moment.

up for voting

Threadless.com seems to be more about a) voting down other designer’s submissions if you have one of your own up for voting, and b) spamming all your friends to vote for you (or worse, registering multiple accounts and voting for yourself). All of which generally seems a bit pointless,… but after giving up on threadless for a while it occurred to me that comparatively speaking I can still use it as a way of getting feedback from my peers. By that I mean if they vote one of my designs as a 1.5 out of 5, and then another 1.8 out of 5, then at least I know it’s an improvement compared to the last one. :) That’s how I’ll be looking at it this time around. Anyway, here’s my latest submission. Feel free to vote on it if you have a moment.

Good News (part one)

This is called “Good news (part one)” simply because I hope to have a ‘part two’ very soon.
The good news is that subsequent to the original removal of “bearhugs”, I can now advise that the additional 3 aliases of the same user; “maximbear”, “nickbeing”, and “sorrow35” have also now had their accounts removed.
This means that every single one of my articles (that were, as you know, not libellous or nasty in any way but simply statement of very well researched and carefully checked facts regarding the fraud, theft and general douchebagness of this person) are now no longer in breach of the user agreement. I don’t think they were in the first place, but there could no valid argument to the contrary now since they are not redbubble users anymore.
With that in mind I’ve sent my request for the …

Getting done by redbubble for exposing fraud

.. I don’t feel up to writing too much right now, but those of you familiar with my articles “Shortcut to Success” will understand when I say that I’m probably not going to be around here for much longer.
Apparently if you expose frauds, scamsters and thieves, they don’t get removed from redbubble, but your work does. All 9 of my articles have just been removed by redbubble admin. Never mind that every comment was carefully researched and true. And it doesn’t matter that I’ve been sending copies of these articles to redbubble admin for nearly a year now hoping they’d do something about the assholes I was writing about. Now they finally sat up and pay attention because the actual art thieves, apparently, don’t like me saying bad things about them. OH, REALLY… I didn’t expect that !
.. …

Sales Thanks - including a weird one !!

In the last month or so, here’s what been hot :

2 x sticker
sticker …..wait, what? this one is a joke that works soley because it is on a red shirt. A sticker? Ok, I’m confused !

I need your help for the next 20 seconds !!!

I recently got the following design screen printed :

which is available HERE

..and now I need to figure out which of my designs to get screen printed next. I guess the things to consider will be that it has to be broadly popular and also not too many colours.
Here are the options I’m thinking of. Please tell me which you think will sell the best.

some 'art' I would pay not to see

I’d really like it if we could block particular artists’ work from appearing in our news feed.
Not having them on your watch list helps a bit, but if other artists you like (who are on your watch list) are favouriting that artists’ work then you end up seeing it anyway.…

Like most people I occasionally object to someone, their work, their comments, etc… but none of them would normally make me think the above, even if I’m particularly annoyed.
I’ve got pretty thick skin, and I know that people are normally not actually ‘bad’ people, even if my perception of what they’ve just done is bad.

There is however one, just one mind you, prominent artist on redbubble who literally makes my skin crawl. I feel a sickly horrible feeling in my stomach even just seeing that artists’ avatar in my news fe

Zazzle can get F#$%ED

I’m in shock.
As most of you would know I write regular articles criticising those who knowingly copy work and post it here on redbubble.
Recently one of the poor saps that I’d written about decided to launch a counter-attack against me. That shouldn’t have been a big deal, since all my work is my own. But, they were clever about it and reported my work on Zazzle.
why is that clever? because Zazzle provides a similar service to what Redbubble provides, but with one big difference. They sell products for big corporations as well. So they have adopted a (sub)zero tolerance approach to copyright infringement. Again, that shouldn’t be a problem because my work does not breach copyright.
So what’s the problem? Well, Zazzle need to keep their corporate clients extra happy, so they will treat yo…

Til Death Do Us Party - SCREEN PRINTED

Screen Printed version due within 2 weeks. Taking pre-orders now (send me a bubble mail). Sizes available : S, M, L, XL.
Colour : Light Grey.
Tshirt brand : Hanes Classic.
Price : $16.95 for pre-orders ($19.95 after that) + delivery.

If you’d like to receive notifications of future special offers like this one, join me on facebook

Is it worth doing?

Hi all, just a quick question..
Most of you probably know I’ve been writing regular articles called Shortcut to Success about plagurism.
As I expected would happen, the articles have gotten less interest (favourites and/or comments) as time has gone by, and I’ve also copped more abuse, so it is getting harder.
I don’t mind continuing to write the articles (and I even kind of enjoy it) but I just wondered what you all think in terms of :

a) do you still enjoy reading the articles?
b) are the articles too long?
c) is there anything different you’d like to see?
d) do you think they make a difference?


my copy of Valentine's Dei (issue 2) arrived !

if you’re not familiar with this great comic by the awesome Sturstein called Valentine’s Dei then check it out.

my copy of issue 2 just arrived after ordering it from IndyPlanet and just like the previous issue it looks great. The content is great and the printing quality is absolutely superb. It did take about 4 weeks to arrive, but that’s a common problem with ordering from the US when you live in Australia.
It also didn’t come in a proper comic bag this time, but since the previous issue did, I think that may have just been a slip up. If you don’t know what a comic bag is, it’s the plastic bag all comics come in that can be resealed for storage. Comic enthusiasts can be very particular about these, but fortunately I was easily able to trim down the oversized plastic bag it came in to m

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