I am number 3,189 !!! Yes !

I’m breathless with the excitement. My most popular design has made it to page 107 of the most popular tees on redbubble !!! … yes, that means there are only 3,188 designs that are more popular than my most popular design !!! I totally rock !!
and.. taking my tongue from my cheek, I’ll admit that what I’m really saying here is that all of you teeshirt designers on redbubble are absolutely frikkin’ awesome ! I love you guys ! very inspiring stuff.
If you haven’t already done so, go and have a look at (at least) the first 20 pages or so of the most popular tees on the bubble. There is some amazing stuff. Even once you get to page 80 or so, the designs will still be blowing you away with their extreme awesomeness.

As an incentive (and to celebrate my tiny…

I'm not making as much sense as usual

I just did a five minute rant to a client before realising that I’d gotten it all wrong. That may not sound so strange to some, .. after all it’s what most of us expect from companies when we call them.. but for me it’s a big deal. I hate getting it wrong. So I explained very apologetically that I have bronchitis and lack of sleep.
Of course, my wife will tell you that it’s not bronchitis, that it’s plural something-or-other, or felangial respiratory dorkington’s syndrome… (yeh, she’s a nurse).. or more likely that if I really want to know what to call it I should see the doctor. She forgets sometimes that I’m a dude, and that I only see the doctor if a limb has just fallen off…. and I don’t have the right kind of gaffa tap…

Shortcut to Success : a quick note

Hi folks,
thanks very much for all your great feedback on my articles Shortcut to Success
There have now been six issues of the publication and they seem to have been received very well. There will be more issues to come, so stay tuned. I’d like to encourage you to continue to provide any feedback; positive or negative (or anywhere in between). .. And also please do feel free to suggest names for people you think I should write articles about, however.. please do so privately by bubblemail.
I’ve had a few names suggested, and in each case my readers have been very careful and astute themselves, because they’ve always been good suggestions.
So while I’m not particularly concerned about people making unfair accusations, I do want to maintain an environment where each …

Coffee AND Lunch ?

:) ok, so the heading is a bit cryptic. Usually I’m happy during the weeks when I sell enough artwork to buy a few cups of coffee. Yes, my art fuels my coffee addiction which fuels my ability to make new art after I get home from the office and the kids are in bed.
But the last couple of weeks there were a couple of days when I started to wonder if art sales would pay for my lunch as well !!! ok… that was getting carried away… but seriously, at least a doughnut to go with my coffee.

Here’s what’s been selling :

ok, that’s a month’s worth…. and a couple of those were stickers, so I might not be getting doughnuts after all, but I sure can smell them cooking !

My Favourite Musical Duets

Here are a few of my favourites. Feel free to add links below to some of yours too. :)

This one gets off to a slow start but give it a few minutes, it’s really quite incredible. And if you’re ever doing a live performace you absolutely must get the sound engineers who worked on this concert. I’ve never heard a live performance sound this good.

This one will divide listeners firmly into lovers and haters. I teetered in the middle myself before choosing a side. Is it cheap, tacky and disrespectful to bring Elvis back and make him sing with Celine? ..or is it a great tribute cleverly designed to make you feel like the king is standing amongst us for these few special minutes, reminding us that his talent is as relevant and amazing today as it ever was.

When th…

bubblemail re : Shortcut to Success

Hi eveyone,
I had one of the readers of my articles suggest I check out a particular user’s portfolio, and I could see right away the problem of copyrighted materials throughout it. Anyway, I won’t say who it was, but I sent the user the following bubblemail and I just wondered if I could get some feedback about it.
ie. Did I approach it correctly, does the message sound friendly enough? etc etc.

message as follows :

I’ve been talking to redbubble admin and other long-time redbubble members about the amount of copyrighted work that is being put on the site and how this affects the redbubble experience for everyone else. This recently inspired me to start writing a regular column called Shortcut to Success about the problem.
Anyway, the reason I’m writing to you is that on…

Octochimp Tee now with 0% margin

Not only is this little beauty my favourite shirt that I wear all the time, but as you’ve probably noticed it’s also my logo. So if you’d like to sport this stylish little chest hugger around town I figure you’ll be actively promoting my work while you’re at it.


Woops - and now for the real discount deal !!!

IMPORTANT UPDATE !!!!! : don’t I feel like a tool ?! yes, yes I do. Please ignore my last journal entry. I just checked my email and I too have actually got a real discount deal on too ! Whooohooo ! See below for details :

To get a 15% discount on all my designs use the following code at checkout :

Honestly, I’m not joking this time.
seriously !! go forth and fill your cart with Octo-chimpy goodness !!!

100% off all my designs - today only !!!!

To redeem this special, just enter the following code at checkout :

ok sure, so this is not a real offer. ..but everyone else seems to have got a special on today, and I was feeling a bit left out…. :(

ROFLMAO takes the lead in popularity stakes

I had a dream, a dream where tee shirt sales would pay for a daily coffee. I dared not to dream that lunch might be included in the deal. (wipes a tear from eye). ok, I’m sorry, it’s the excitement, ..I’m getting a bit carried away. Lunch is a way off yet.

If the last couple of days are anything to go by, ROFLMAO is set to become my best selling tee shirt design, taking the lead from Hazards of the Fire Swamp ! But Til Death Do Us Party is putting in a very respectable run too, so place your bets !

Here’s the sales in the last week :








Thanks everyone ! I love you guys !

I refuse to be canonized

This journal entry is a special double feature.

Feature 1 (breaking news on my will updates):
I’ve added the following to my will : “Yes I know I’m awesome. No you may not petition to make me a saint. No you may not pray to me for miracles. Yes you can fix your own shit”
disclaimer: No, I was not implying that you should cure your own cancer. I’m just saying you should go to an oncologist who doesn’t throw his arms in the air and say “oh my god, I don’t know how you got better, and I never make mistakes, so it must be a miracle”. That’s a shit doctor right there.

Feature 2 (some new teeshirt ideas for your feedback):
I’ve got 3 new teeshirt designs on the way, and I’m short on time, so I want to run the ideas by you and …

Old Poetry Revival

I recently found some old poems that I wrote nearly 20 years ago… wow, was it really that long ago? Holy shit…. ahem ! sorry, back on topic. These poems were back from the time where people didn’t all own computers, and those who did own a computer only owned one computer each (Scary, I know). Most of us actually had to camp out in the labs at Uni in order to get some keyboard time. This generally meant playing muds online, or looking up chats about whether werewolves are really cooler than vampires (werewolf lovers are so easy to stir up. Try it. It’s actually a lot of fun), or reading up on how to pick locks… and occasionally even writing angsty poetry. I think teens still do this nowadays? Yeh, so I guess I’m still hip. I’m still cool. I̵…

The Great Octochimp Easter Egg Hunt

ok, so I’ve been thinking for a while that I might eventually get good enough that one day my work might be worth stealing. So I’ve been watching what the good artists do. Some use logos in their art work. Some put their signature at the bottom right. ..etc. And many just take their chances.
I was thinking that it’s a tough call to decide what works without detracting from the look of the work itself. And this is probably what makes many artist not want to take this kind of step.
I don’t know that my work has come quite far enough to make me a target of theft, but I’ve decided to have a bit of fun with this idea and put my Octochimp logo into each design. I’ll try to put it somewhere on each design where it won’t detract from the look of the work…

FAT !!!!

Ah, fond memories. I was just reminiscing about high school (Year 11 I think). A friend and I, both being avid Violent Femmes fans, were quietly singing this song in Math class (triogonometry is boring as hell even if you like Maths, which we did).
The teacher, who looked as bored as we were, said : “If you boys are going to sing in class, you can come up the front and sing to the whole class”.
The teacher clearly didn’t know us very well, because he thought we’d shut up and let him get on with teaching trig. My friend and I were both excited, and went directly to the front of the class, sat on one of the desks, and did the whole song from start to finish, at full volume with all the gusto we could muster.
He smiled slightly, and sent us back to our seats, and conti…

The Worst Link EVER!!!

this is a sequel to my recent journal “The Best Link EVER!!!” which linked to my very first submission of a tee design to
That one completely bombed with an average score of 1.55 out of 5. So this time I wanted to set the title of this journal with much lower expectations in mind.

so, umm, here’s a link to my latest threadless submission :

vote for it if you like… or not…

Today's Best Award

woohoo! I got a TBA on zazzle for :

it took me ages to figure out why people were sudden noticing me and saying “congrats on the TBA”. I was sitting there asking myself what the hell TBA means. :)

Mensa pens are heavy... too heavy

MENSA sent me a pen. It’s a really heavy pen. And I mean really heavy. I have had pens that were less heavy that have had hard drive storage units and/or flash lights built in to them, and that was 10 years ago when that shit took up some serious space. Yeh, seriously it’s that heavy. Why is this pen so heavy? I found myself wondering… is it a test? Is there a hidden gadget … a concealed message … directions to a safety deposit box holding a deed crowning me as emporer of the world?… if only I could solve it? So I dismantled it in the usual way… nothing. I attempted to dismantle it in other non-usual ways… and hurt my teeth. I hefted it and pondered. Of course, I thought, they wouldn’t be testing my mechanical skills, this is somet…

Melbourne airport blues

cold and tired, I decided to head over to the Melbourne airport early (5 hours early).
I’d hoped to be able to get on an earlier flight back to Perth but apparently economy class tickets can’t be changed in this way on the day.. even if there is space on the earlier flight… pfft !
oh well, only another 2 and a half hours to wait now…
meanwhile I’ve done all the work I can bring myself to do (in my exhausted state)… too tired to do any drawing or writing (oh hang on, I am writing… look will you stop paying so much attention to detail.. seriously its annoying)… and my beautiful wife is having a bad day and needs my super hugging skills pronto !.. while I’m stuck here talking to myself and sucking down too much coffee…

Do you miss me yet?

for the next week I’ll be travelling and won’t have access to a scanner. So there won’t be any new Octochimp Designs work going up. …don’t be too sad, on the bright side I’ll have some time on planes and sitting around waiting for appointments during which I can do some drawing, so the week that I’m back might include even more new work than usual !!!!
See you soon.
(oh, and yes I will definitely miss you all)

My Car does Painting

a sneak peak at my new project. The plan was to crawl under my car (which leaks oil) and take some scraped samples of oil ; some fresh, some dirty, some thick black greasy stuff and use the various bits as a palette to do an oil painting.

ok, so how did it go?
Well getting under the car wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped for starters. ..and when I was under there I couldn’t find as much as I hoped. It seems my car doesn’t leak oil as much as I thought. But the good news is that simply lifting the bonnet allowed me to run my finger around some really wonderfully oily grooves just below the rocker cover gasket and here’s what I was able to collect:

all pretty much the same shade and consistency, so the next step was to get some fresh engine oil to dilute it to variou…

Handy Tweaks for Gimp to replace Photoshop


I’ve just installed GIMP onto my newest computer and so was looking at add-ons and plug-ins again. The above looks like a great place to start for anyone who hasn’t seen it before. The most exciting thing included is a plug-in called “pspi” which allows Gimp to run Photoshop plug-ins. This just about made me do an evil scientist laugh I was so excited !!!!

note: the link the above page gives for the pspi plug-in does not work, but you’ll find it here

Features and Sales Thanks !!!

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so this is just for the last month :

features (thank you so much) :

was featured in We Love Wilbur

was featured in We Love Wilbur

was featured in Tribute Tshirts & Art

was featured in Every Little Thing you Do

was featured in Students & Beginners

was featured in Movie Humour

was featured in Movie Humour

was featured in Back in Black

was featured in The Super Amazing Super Hero Group

was featured in We Love Wilbur

was featured in The Patchwork

was featured in The Torch

was featured in The Super Amazing Super Hero Group









some advice re challenge entry

ok, cheating a little? maybe. but please give me some advice on which work I should enter into the latest International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination challenge : Perspective
Just to screw with my brain they have left this one so very broad. Do they want unique perspective in terms of ‘thinking outside the box’?, or something merely visually viewed form a unique angle? or the expression of a unorthodox opinion? hmmm, it’s late at night (or at least it feels like it) and I’m struggling. So here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to:

oh, well that will do. What do you think? What fits the theme best?

A Matthew Dunn Exhibition at my house

Recently I did a batch of my own stickers displayed on black canvases. See here and here
I was pretty happy with the result, but the one big issue was that the canvases were merely sprayed with matt black paint and the surface was not quite smooth enough for the stickers to stay on quite well enough; it’s not too bad but they lift slightly at the edges.
So for this lot I’ve painted the canvas with a bit more detail and then sprayed it heavily with clear lacquer for a smooth finish. Time will tell if they stay stuck down well but it looks promising so far.
Here’s the canvas :

And here it is with Matthew Dunn’s stickers added :

…oh and here’s the work in progress. getting the right order and layout is very important :

I even had a few stickers left over, so m…


yeh, that’s right. I wanted some attention, so while redbubble is running the 10% discount special, plus the extra 10% off for members (if you didn’t get that message the discount code is: ExtraSharp17500132)…. I’ve decided to give you a third level of discount !!!!!!! I know ! crazy, isn’t it !

This week only, if you buy one of the following you’ll see that the starting price is also less 10% :

What? you want the same deal on kids clothes and stickers? oh alright, done.

Quick ! run and tell all your friends !!!! don’t even pause to thank me and tell me how awesome I am, there’s no time to waste !

Drawing Challenge set by a 4 year old

a while back I asked my daughter what she wanted me to draw for her. A look of evil glee appeared on her face as she paused for about 2 seconds, then she quickly said “A werewolf, with angel wings, on the moon, holding a fairy wand” !

… and after I recovered, I slowly closed my mouth, remembered to blink, and said something like “oh, umm, how about a cute little kitty instead?”

Months later she is still asking when I am going to draw what she asked for. So I’m off the drawing board to have a stab at it. If you’d like to join in on the challenge please feel free to have a go at this too. :)

Sticker Art

I just ordered a batch of my own stickers. I was excited to see how they looked, and I wasn’t to be disappointed. The quality and detail is really good.
I’ve put them onto two black painted canvases and will hang them in my office.
There will be more of this kind of fun to come (including doing the same with some other people’s designs). Exciting times !!!

why did the shirts get bigger?

I normally order a medium, but the last lot were suddenly at least a size larger (even though still labeled as medium). This seems to coincide with the introduction of the new colours. Just thought I’d give all of you a heads up on this, in case you’ve ordered shirts from RB before.. you might need to order one size smaller next time you buy some.

Feature This.. if you dare !

ok, sorry, that title was blatantly misleading. This is just a general thank you for some features I’ve had in the last couple of weeks !!! :) oh come on!, don’t be like that, this is at least a little bit interesting isn’t it? hhahahaha.

featured in Grindhouse A Go-Go
featured in Students and Beginners
featured in WTF are you wearing?
featured in Creative Talented and Unknown
featured in The Super Amazing Super Hero Group
featured in Imaginative Skulls
featured in We Love Wilbur
featured in Imaginative Skulls
featured in Imaginative Skulls
featured in Students and Beginners
featured in Imaginative Skulls
featured in We Love Wilbur
featured in Tiger, Tiger
featured in Grindhouse A Go-Go
featured in Imaginative Skulls
features in Just for a giggle
featured in Just for a

coffee advice please

I’ve been wondering why I’m getting palpitations when I drink coffee lately. I’ve only just read the label on my coffee and found that it’s Espresso. I’m far from being a coffee expert, but…am I right in saying that that means it’s extra strong and intended for drinking in smaller quantities? I’ve been making my standard full sized coffee with it and it does seem a lot stronger… so umm, someone let me know if this is what I’m doing wrong (before I pop an artery or something) ARRRGGGHH!!!

my geek senses are tingling

ok, I need to know.. is it just me that thinks this is completely and utterly awesome??
(the dancing is hilarious)











sticker battle update

yeh, believe it or not it’s still going. :)
right now a crazy drug addict with a really big gun is standing in the middle of the room demanding some clarification on what’s going on.
Join in the fun here

I challenge you to a duel

using mini sticker images I was just having a little joust with matthewdunnart on his image hey you and I thought "this could be fun as an actual group thing (without loading too much junk into Matt’s page.. hehehe).

So here goes :
(oh, and by the way, if you run out of special moves of your own, feel free to use some of my own characters against me here )

Shud, the last Simiaclian Legionary comes at you with a hammer

Feature, Sales, Challenge Win Thanks

in the last 9 days….

thank you to the buyer. You rock!

sweet ! super sweet even. :) thanks to those who voted.

won the look once then look again .. tee shirt challenge in the Every little thing you do group

humble thanks to the hosts of the following groups. I really appreciate it. :)

was featured in T Me

was featured in We Love Wilbur

was featured in We Love Wilbur

was featured in The Super Amazing Super Hero Group

was featured in All thing poetical, artistist, philosophical

was featured in Imaginative Skulls

was featured in Movie Humour

was featured in Grindhouse A Go-Go

my own copyright 'violations'

I recently posted a journal entry called a little help please as a follow up to another journal entry Ousting the plagiarists

In brief the concern was that I’d seen so much work which was straight copies taken from elsewhere and posted here as someone’s own work. We all know this is wrong and should be stopped.
The discussion did however also stray onto more of the finer details of copyright law, something I’ve learned more about while I’ve been here, and I imagine many of you will also have come to understand better. This is the realm where innocent mistakes can be made and we should each go back over our own portfolios (now that we know better) and see if we’ve made such mistakes. I didn’t actually do that myself, but fortunately someone else has don…

a little help please

I posted a journal entry recently called Ousting the Plagiarists explaining how to use to identify plagiarists and what to do (the nice way) when you find them. ie. report them to redbubble admin.
Sadly it seems that I understated the real difficulty that exists in actually getting plagiarists removed from redbubble (let alone getting any particular single work removed).
It is actually so difficult as to result in most users not even bothering to try. It may also explain why redbubble has been so quiet lately, with real artists gradually disappearing.
I really really like redbubble, so I will persist in working on keeping it a place worth hanging around, but I would like some help from you all in doing so.
There is a particular redbubble user who has over 200 tee-shirt designs, al…

Features and Sales thanks

yes I do like to save these up and do them as a batch, because it makes me look really cool and successful, and I like looking cool and successful. :) yeehah!

Features in the last 11 days :

featured in Blood Red – All things Vampiric

featured in Grindhouse A Go-Go

featured in We love Wilbur

featured in We love Wilbur

featured in Fan Frenzy

featured in No More Color

featured in T-Me

featured in We love Wilbur

featured in Grindhouse A Go-Go

featured in Every Little Thing You Do

featured in Every Little Thing You Do

featured in If it doesn’t belong

And Sale Thanks (for these ones over the last couple of weeks):

another step closer to taking over the world. (insert evil laugh here) :] yeh, baby!!!

Ousting the Plagiarists

I was recently shocked to find that there have been and still are members of redbubble who copy work from elsewhere and post it here as their own.

How can you tell?
there are signs that should make your spidey-senses tingle, and they are:
1) they have put up heaps of work, and the style varies a lot
2) they never reply to comments / feedback
3) they have nobody (or hardly anybody) in their watch list
4) you never see comments from them on anyone else’s work.

But wait !
don’t assume that the above all means they are a plagiarist. There are plenty of good and versatile artists who put their work up here, but don’t spend much time here. Let’s not jump the gun.

How can you check? is your friend. You can paste the location of the image into the “Enter imag…

Motivation Music

I’ve had a cold for the last couple of days and have needed all the help I could get to keep on working.
What I need is music which is not too distracting (I am a man after all and can only really do one thing at a time), and that has a moderately fast beat (preferably one which matches a reasonable typing speed.)
Here are some examples of what has helped me so far:







Can you suggest some more for me? As you can already see, my taste is pretty broad, so anything that suits the above criteria would be fantastic. :)

Octochimp Designs :A group feature !!!

Wow wow wow, (yes that’s me being excited). My first personal feature in a group. And such a funky group too. I’ve just been featured in GRINDHOUSE A GO-GO . I guess that means that someone else other than me thinks that my body of work is amusing (and not just that my body is amusing). That is so cool. Thanks guys !!!

Feature Thanks x 12

Wow, what a week ! I’ve been that busy at work that I haven’t been putting up any feature thanks journals lately. So here are the ones I missed in the last 7 days :

featured in !* Dark Cabaret *!

featured in HALLOWEEN

featured in Fabulous Ts

featured in If it doesn’t belong

featured in tribute t shirts & ART

featured in tribute t shirts & ART

featured in Students and Beginners

featured in Students and Beginners

featured in ♦ T – ME! ♦

featured in ♦ T – ME! ♦

featured in Cartoon Critters

featured in HALLOWEEN

Woohoo! First Challenge Win

Werebear’s Shadow won in the Tee Me!!! challenge.

you really have to check out the above link to see how amazing the other entries in this challenge were. There were several entries that I think deserved to win, so I am all the more humbled by everyone voting for my entry. I had to look at the results a few times before I was even convinced about the result.
Thanks so much folks.

dealing with my Graphics Tablet aversion

I’ve only used the graphics tablet a couple of times. I could list the disadvantages.. it’s a cheap one, it’s too small, you have to zoom to get good fine lines.. but it only just occurred to me what the real reason is that I’ve avoided using it much..
Because I’m not a very accomplished or experienced artist I know I will need to try once, erase the pencil lines, try again, erase a bit more, etc, before I have something close to being good enough to start inking. For some reason I was equating the use of the graphics tablet to the inking stage, ie. sure I can erase bits if I make a mistake but it’s the actual lines of the finished product that I’m drawing. Why? it’s silly really. There is no reason why I can’t do quick rough lines on…

Woohoo! - my design as an example

not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but I’m feeling pretty chuffed that for the second time a group has used one of my works as the example artwork for a new challenge.
see here

: )

oh, and last time it happened I didn’t even remember to get an entry into the challenge. Doh! well I won’t be making that mistake this time. : Top 10 Challenge Entries

I recently asked my good friends over at :

to design a tshirt to promote my business :
(I do insurance for Builders, Owner-Builders, and Tradesmen).

And I was not disappointed. Here are the top 10 designs (in no particular order) :

BUILDMATE by J Velasco Building the Dream House in Colour by David Barneda

Buildmate by Cathie Tranent

BUILDMATE.COM.AU by WalkerTouchTees

Strong big safe guy by EskimoGraphics

Tetris by ArtBlast

Caution Men Working by Naf4d

BuildMate by yanmos

Commissioner Build Mate by Pip Gerard

BuildMate by Steve Harvey

WOW !!!! I totally love these people. Ok, so there are still a couple of these that are undergoing some last minute revisions but already I’m super impressed by all of these.

The Plan :
1) I’ll be sponsorin…

Creating curved text in Gimp

ok so you’ve created a funky image (in this case a T-shirt design) and it needs sprucing up with some text. There are times that you just know it really should be curved text. You wish you knew how to do curved text. You don’t. You feel empty inside……
Well wish no more !!!! This is how to do it.

Here’s our image:

You see what I mean right? It’s just got to be curved text. Ok, let’s get started.
First to create a new transparent layer, start by clicking on your topmost layer so that when you create a new layer it’s right at the top of the stack (in front of the other layers). Then click the add new layer button.

Once you’ve created the new layer, click on the Paths Tool.

Now left-click once on the left side of the circle, and once ag…

Believe it or not??

The news last night reported “Believe it or not, atheists are gathering for a meeting in Melbourne”.
what does “believe it not” mean in this context first of all? It was for a conference where the guest speaker was RICHARD DAWKINS (yes he deserves the capitals) for starters, who is a brilliant writer and promoter of logic and critical thinking. If atheists can’t even go to a conference to see a best-selling author speak without having supposedly ‘unbiased’ news readers raise a condescending eyebrow then this country is in an even worse state than I imagined.

But even with a biased approach the story still actually made the ‘churchies’ look a bit silly. They interviewed the following:
1) Richard Dawkins; who was given about 15 seconds of…

The Pope says animal cruelty is ok?

I’m listening to the audiobook version of Christopher Hitchens’ “The Portable Atheist” at the moment, and heard something I’m trying to verify, because it sounds so extremely bizarre.
I don’t even know when the book was written, but it is a collection of even older writings, so I am even more uncertain about how old this ‘news’ is. But… apparently the RSPCA asked the Pope to lend his vocal support to the cause of preventing cruelty to animals and he said “No, animals don’t have souls, and therefore cruelty to animals is not actually a sin, and therefore of no concern to the church”
what the ????
So before I go off half-cocked criticising this I thought I’d better see if I could find any news on this, and google i…

Sexy time with Zombies?

ok, so I need some back up on this idea. I know I’m not the only one to have ever thought about this. I’m working on a new T-shirt design with a zombie sex slave.
Good idea? Bad idea?
It occurred to me that zombies are all about the hugging, groping, biting and moaning. Pretty sexy stuff really. So….. if you remove their teeth and finger nails (trust me, this part is vital) all you’d need to do is smear some brain juice anywhere you need some personal attention and… well yes, I have said too much already….

Watercolour Pencils

My wonderful wife just bought me a set of Derwent Watercolour Pencils. Sweeet! I think I will have to bring back Skeptic Man in a series of comic strips in order to practice using these. Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment of (drum roll) Skeptic Man !

I know I was impressed

I was showing off my new Tshirts from redbubble to a friend recently and he pointed out that the shirts are American Apparel brand. He told me that those are the only T’s he wears because they are of such high quality. He was especially impressed when he heard how little they cost me : about the same as you’d pay for the plain ones with nothing printed on them.
Redbubble could have opted for favouring their own profits by using lesser quality T’s, so let’s hear a big round of applause for redbubble for giving us such a quality product. Bravo!

Oh Dear - I'm Famous

My crazy looking face has been featured on the redbubble home page in the buyer’s booth section at the bottom. Hahaha! Oh dear, what was I thinking? It just goes to show what absurdities you can be driven to in the excitement of the moment when you first try on your fantastic new T-Shirt !!!

New Group Announcement - Movie Humour

Hi all,
Announcing a new group : MOVIE HUMOUR

jaedesigns and I have started a new group for any works with a movie humour theme. There’s heaps of great work on redbubble fitting this description but, until now, no group specifically for it. If you have any movie humour themed work please come along and join the group. If you know anyone else who might like to join the group please also let them know (or put this in your favourites so they see the news).

Kind Regards,

New Group Announcement - Martial Arts

Hi all,
Announcing a new group : MARTIAL ARTS

Ross Robinson and I have started a new group for any works with a martial arts theme. There’s heaps of great work on redbubble fitting this description but, until now, no group for it. If you have any martial arts themed work please come along and join the group. If you know anyone else who might like to join the group please also let them know (or put this in your favourites so they see the news).

Kind Regards,

a typical phone call

Steve: “Hi, it’s Steve from Sydney”
Me(thinks): “right, because that tells me who the fuck you are, dick!”
Me(says): “Hi Steve, how’s it going?”
Steve: [insert some inane crap here about how Steve is going]….. “I’m just ringing to tell you that I’ve just put that paperwork in the mail to you”
Me(thinks): “oh good, so I don’t have to bother asking who you are, because your call is a complete fucking waste of my time”
Me(says): “Oh good, thanks for letting me know Steve. You have a great day.”

SOLD - Thank you !

My daughter is going to be so excited. Today I posted this ‘collaboration piece’.

The wonderfully talented Scott Robinson thought that my 4 year old daughter’s work was so good that he had to buy one. Thanks Scott !

Thank You Buyers

woohoo! someone purchased another one of my shirts :

That’s 2 now, with the previous buyer having purchased :

Thanks heaps to both buyers.

A Salute to Vampvamp

ok, so this may be a little unconventional but vampvamp has so many works that I like that I thought I’d compile a quick best-of list of my favourites. Keep up the great work Vampvamp !

4404017-1-gyger-key :
4402083-1-endless-road :
4396911-1-max-the-axe :
4387569-1-ring-around-a-rosie :
4382413-1-all-seeing-eye :
4371778-1-feathered-spread :
4370663-1-chillimania :
4341661-1-globule :
4336520-1-protea :
4321153-1-precipitation-tears :
4310693-1-ataque-del-arte-abstracto :
4311753-1-the-eternal-struggle :
4303260-1-paradise :
4281068-1-shooter-mc-glassin :
4293247-1-hollow-glow :
4269356-1-moflax :
4267355-1-through-the-trunks-and-beyond :
4262514-1-arum :
4238762-1-a-place-for-two :
4224634-1-the-jrl-experiment :
4157953-1-le-masque :
4133089-1-ferris-wheelers-day-on :

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