Site has been revamped!

After a yearly revamp of my website, I decided to go Wordpress and template.
So, this is to announce the new site design, with blog and shop all included.
Hope you will take some time to have a look and maybe like and comment on a few things.

Thanks for your time.

Do you have a pet?

Would like to plan for the future. This project will continue. We are getting a lot of requests for contributors. Can’t be in the first, but would like to open up for a photography one and separate artist and illustrator ones. If you think you qualify, read the image, and send a quick submission and I will get back to you. This doesn’t guarantee entry as I curate the books. I am thinking of a supporters page on the main website though, so regardless your image can be set there.
Look forward to seeing your work.

New Site up and running!

Behold, the new site has arrived!!!
Please note however IE8 and below (not supported) :-)
It has a blog, news archive, etc. You can comment on the gallery section and lots more. Would love you to take a look. Maybe like or pass a comment or two.
If you want to use the commission forms, would love that too ;-)
Would be appreciated…
If you find any technical glitches please send a comment via the contact form.

No Place Like home - The Artist Process

After the first series of Animal Behaviour prints (available online), the second series called for a short film to describe the process of how Rob Snow | creative achieves the art.
In this short film, the full process is taken from rough sketch through to rendered artwork.
Using both normal and time-lapse photography to capture the full 20 hours of work.
Watch the making of here!!
If you are in the USA, watch the video here!!!

Soon available in book from Blurb.

Blurb Book coming soon

Some time back I decided to make a series of the animal prints I have here. I have now reached ten, with the completion of the “Donkey Xote” image. As there is an adequate number I think a good move will be to publish them all as a Blurb book.
The content is all ready and set, I have completed the cover today, and share this with you. As soon as I have an ISBN number the book will be published.
I am now working on series two of the Animal Behaviour series.
Stay tuned.

The truth about Facebook Fan Page modifications

Hi All
I posted last week about the fact I had altered my Fan Page, based on what I have read, to increase numbers.
I also see a lot of people here at LinkedIn groups asking people to post fan pages in the group.
What I would like to do, is to tell you how it has worked out for me this past week.
Firstly, I have increased my numbers in a week, by 100+
My “Talking about” has gone from 5 to a staggering jump of 134.
All that said and done, I will gratefully point out that my largest referrer was LinkedIn. With 117, and I am guessing that a great deal of these became Fans.
To help anyone who is interested, I wrote two blogs to explain what I did. You can find them here:
Blog Tutorial One
and here: Blog Tutorial Two.
I’m quite pleased with the progress, but hope it will increase and h…