Last day in India!

Well … been here for a couple of weeks now … mostly taken up with work related stuff, but did find a little time to take a few snaps. I have to confess I was not ready for the culture shock that hit from the moment we got off the plane in Ahmedabad. Before we got to customs there was a check for swine flu (H1N1) Checking for H1N1 involved several stages:
1 Complete a form reporting any signs or symptoms (this could be done on the plane)
2 On landing one uniformed official asked for your age (even though the form required you to fill in your date of birth) wrote it on the form and passed it back to you
3 You then queued to be seen by one of three ‘medics’ (well they all wore face masks, so I guess they were medics) who checked the form, looked at you and gave the form back.
4 The last person, …

Gonna be away for a couple of weeks

Hi … Thanks to everyone who has been looking at and commenting on my pics .. it is always appreciated when you take the time to look and comment. Just letting you know that I’m off to India for a couple of weeks (hurrah!!) … on business (booo!!) … but I’m taking my camera, so might have something different to post when I get back.
If there’s anyone who has been to India before and has any tips please let me know!!

Taking photos

HI folks .. here’s a rambling journal entry reflecting on my recent trip to the big apple. I have been thinking about getting wide angle lens for quite while. Up to now most of my pics have been taken with the kit lens (18-50) that came with my trusty 400D. When I knew I was going to be going to New York, with all its fabulous buidlings, it gave me the nudge to splash out on a wide angle. I ended up getting a Canon 10-22 …. cost me more than the camera! It is really taking me quite a while to get used to it … when I’ve been using the 18-50 I am able to visualise the shot in my mind before I take it, but I am still struggling to do that with the 10-22. Maybe it will happen over time. So I was wondering whether or not other people have experienced similar problems when they start out with …

Been away for a while

Hi Everyone!! Just a short note to let you know that the pressure of work has meant that I haven’t been able to comment on many of the fabulous pieces of work that people in my watchlist have produced. Neither have I been able to reply to many of the nice comments that people have left over the past few weeks. Apologies for that and I’ll be doing my best over the coming weeks to ‘catch up’!!
On a more postive note I am in New York at the moment (with work!) but have managed to get a few pics taken so I’ll be posting them over the coming weeks!!
Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to look and leave nice comments … really appreciated!!

What difference a feature makes ....

I just wrote yesterday that I don’t really do many journal entries, so two in the same number of days is a bit excessive!
Just wanted to share two interesting (well … I think they’re interesting :-)) observations with you. Firstly about the impact of a home page feature on the number of views and secondly about what people look at. Apologies if this is ‘old hat’ and you already know what I am going to say. So … what difference does it make when you have a home page feature? Normally I get about 40-50 views of the pictures I post, some slightly more, others less. Whitby Pier has already had 432 views, but does this make it a ‘better’ picture than some of the others I posted … probably not.
The second point relates to my own personal judgement about the images I post. Obviously I like Whitb…

Home page feature AND a sale!!

I don’t do many journal entries (… you might have already spotted that :-)), but I thought this was worth putting finger to keyboard for. Well … I’ve just had my mood lifted! I’m really enthused by seeing one of my pics featured on the RB home page … as you all know it’s a really good feeling when your work is recognised by others in whatever way that might be. But then I got an email to say that someone had bought a matted print of ‘Whitby Pier’ … so a big thank you to whoever that person was and I hope they enjoy it. It’s made my day!!…

And thanks to everyone who takes the time to look at and comment on my pics … it’s really appreciated (…even if I don’t always manage to reply to comments … if only I didn’t have to work to pay the bills!!). There is some amazing work on RB … everyday I s

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