New and not so new uploads

I recently bought Genuine Fractals 5, a program that does a better job at up-sizing than PS’s bicubic smooth algorithm. It’s allowed me to increase the size of “Soaring” so that now it’s available as a large print as well. I plan on redoing my other images soon…been very busy, recently!

On another note, I can’t seem to figure out how to size Soaring for a card without the border getting cropped off at the right hand side. I know it’s possible, because it had worked before I resized it. I tried uploading it as a separate file, just for the card size, but so far no luck…will keep trying though.

I emailed RB, and they already answered, unfortunately, they say that they don’t recommend borders on images, because of the cropping. Hmmm…not quite ready to give up on my “artistic vision” yet.

Would anyone have any advice on that?

Be well,

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