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The Sanga Tree

In a village in the woods
there live a people fair
with pointed ears and bird song laughs
with moonlight in their hair

And in that village in the woods
they tell a story true
of love and lust and fairy dust,
which I’ll now pass to you.

They say she was the fairest
Across the lands beyond the sea
and every night she’d sit and write
beneath the Sanga tree.

In this tree there was a magic
not every eye could see
a man so small, not 1 foot tall
lived in the Sanga tree!

He said to her one evening bright
as the wind caressed his tree
“Dear maiden fair with moonlit hair
Will you come speak with me?”

So night by night they sat and talked
and spoke of lovely things
of birds and flowers and star-bright hours
and the robin as she wings.

Our she-elf grew to love him quick
as girls are wont to do
and the man was smart, he stole her heart
but did not love her true.

The little man was evil pure
And used her to his whim.
But he told his lies with honest eyes
So she of course believed him.

“My dear, my heart my darling lamb
it is you I wish to marry
but I’m so small, not one foot tall
it’s a burden that I carry.

Throughout my life I’ve been a victim
That people loved to tease
Oh, my dear, I’m cursed I fear
Wont you help me please?”

Our darling elf agreed in haste
To help him in his sorrow
And she assured she’d have him cured
By morning on the morrow.

And so that night the lady went
To see an elf she knew
With mighty powers and magic flowers
To find what she must do.

The elder elf was kind and wise
And told the girl a tale
Of the man inside who schemed and lied
Using life-loves veil.

“That little man was once a king
with a heart as hard as lead
with bloody hands and evil plans
leaving chaos in his stead.

Until one day his subjects fought
And cried out to be free
And from that thought a spell was wrought
That trapped him in his tree."

But there was a bit of hope, you see
For our maiden deep in love
No act is wrong when love is strong
And thus the cure she thought of.

The Sanga tree could be destroyed
As any being can
A tainted knife could steal its life
And thus our maiden’s plan

The elven fair with moonlit hair
Would cut the Sanga tree
In doing so she’d give her soul
And set her lover free.

And so she went with poisoned dirk
To slay the shrouding vault
And in that night with starshine bright
She cast the first assault

The tree itself cried out in sorrow
Against the crime committed
With all its might it tried to fight
but to the dark submitted

The maiden fair who dared to care
For this gremlin’s heart
Lay void of life upon the knife
That tore the tree apart.

But something happened there that night
Beneath the withered bow
With life anew his conscience grew
And there he made a vow

You see inside the darkest soul
There lives a little light
Her love was strong he knew his wrong
And vowed to make it right

He lay himself upon the ground
Beside his saviors shell
And there beside at last he died
and bid the Earth farewell

On the marrow in the meadow
Beside the Sanga tree
With life anew two small seeds grew
And bloomed for all to see

In a village in the woods
there live a people fair
with pointed ears and bird song laughs
with moonlight in their hair

And in that village in the woods
There stands a blooming tree
A story told of love gone cold
And two hearts finally free

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