Rebekah  McLeod

Rebekah McLeod

Goose Creek, United States

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I am an abstract artist and graphic designer. I have an AS. in graphic design and spent 2 years at Ringling School of art and Design. I draw with emotion and the shapes just flow onto the paper and the shapes just seam to tell me what color they want to be. I know it sounds silly to put it that way.

Marker Art
Digitaly Colored
Black & White
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Graphics & Digital Effects
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Holiday Cards

Abstract Photos
The Divine Feline
Flower Shots
The Modern Dog

Abstract Designs
“Silly and Groovy Graphics ":

  • Age: 36
  • Joined: November 2007


Dog T-Shirts on

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Thank You, Thank You

It back to normal, no more huge text. My eyes thank you so much!
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One big headache

What is it with people wanting to change everything. Redbubble went and changed the my bubble layout. That I can deal with, not too bad. But what is with the freaking huge text on my art and t-shirt list. It’s way way too huge, It’s too distracting when I’m trying to rotate my art list. I don’t think the title text should be bigger than the thumbnail. There’s so much…
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broken links

Hi there to anyone who cares. I redid some of my categories on my bublbesite so now some of my image thumbnail links are broken. So don’t get frustrated with them if your clicking along. I’m going to fix them all pretty soon.
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