Grand Junction, United States

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Holiday with Family

Had a 10 day Holiday/Vacation to Phoenix, Arizona to see family.
Thought I’d share a few images of my grand-daughters, Natalie and Vanessa.
I used a borrowed camera, Canon EOS 1D Mark II with a borrowed 50mm 1.8 prime lens. Pretty happy with it.

Natalie is in Kindergarten now and loves it.

Vanessa is just a couple months under 3 years, and brilliant, obviously. I love how her hair flew in these.
Mum, Amie is in background.


Vanessa walking toward school to get Natalie. Home in background.

At the Zoo on the merry-go-round ride.

Zoo wildlife at the stream.

The weather was warm and sunny. Shorts, short-sleeve shirt and flip/flops weather.
Today at home in Western Colorado, cool, light rain turning to snow later.
Nights have been below freezing. And most of all, I miss them… ;(


  • billyboy
    billyboyover 3 years ago

    Great shots of what looks like an amazing time Dick… the weather in Phoenix looks beautiful !!
    What did you think of the 5D??
    Thanx for sharing :-)

  • Hi there. It was great weather, as is pretty common for Halloween there. It was very relaxing but active. Needed some time away from the computer…

    The camera is a 1D Mark II, about 2 generations old from early 2004, but this body has only about 5000 shutter clicks. A real solid pro body, and heavy, which can be an advantage. Will be looking at tripod mounted HDR shooting, and see how much less significant the vibration from mirror slap is. It is a 1.3 factor sensor, 8.2 MP of quality pixels are better than 16MP of noisy ones. High speed frame rate of 8.5/sec, so good for bird flight photography, which is where the 5D is not so hot with the huge image files. I do not do studio work … no studio, which is where the 5D shines in my opinion.

    – rjcolby

  • Vesna *
    Vesna *over 3 years ago

    Vanessa’s photo on the swing is so adorable. Thank you for sharing these Dick, welcome back:)

  • Thanks Vesna. I was trying to catch her just at the high point in the arc, which really left the hair in an interesting position, and the late afternoon sun was starting to get a bit golden.

    – rjcolby

  • Susan Humphrey
    Susan Humphreyover 3 years ago

    Beautiful girls and great pictures.

  • Thank you Susan. I enjoyed it.

    – rjcolby

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneover 3 years ago

    Wow, she’s 3 already? Goodness, doesn’t time fly! Gorgeous shots, Dick!

  • Thanks Mel. It does fly… Thanks Mel.

    – rjcolby

  • TextureoftheSin
    TextureoftheSinover 3 years ago

    What a pair of charming young ladies ;)

  • Hi. Thanks. They sure are. It was great for us, and kept us on the go.

    – rjcolby

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellover 3 years ago

    Oh Dick,

    makes me so very happy to see such glorious images of your gorgeous grand daughters…what a precious holiday…


  • Oh thank you Lisa.

    – rjcolby

  • Cosimo Piro
    Cosimo Piroover 3 years ago

    hey there Dick… great to see these wonderful shots of your grand daughters. How precious a time. I also will be spending 10 days with my grand daughters in NSW while their parents are away in New York. I’ll be getting them ready for school and picking them up, reading stories to them, pulling out the crayons and drawing… all the fun stuff to bring out the child in me… been a long time since I’ve had young children around me… looking forward to it. My days will be my own while they’re at school so I can spend some time on the beach and catching up with some creative activities. Great to catch up, mate. Take care.

  • Great to see you Cos. They may light a creative spark or two. Yes do sharpen up those tan lines a bit… ;) Take care.

    – rjcolby

  • billyboy
    billyboyover 3 years ago

    You’re so right about 8,2 M of quality pixels being better than 16 of noisy. It’s why I still think that in spite of all the assets the 5D MkII has, the MkI still has better image quality under the right conditions. The 1D is still an amazing camera… judging by your results here. You also show how you can get stunning pictures with a standard 50mm :-)

  • I fell the pixel push has gone too far, and since I just upgraded the storage on two computers, am in no rush to eat it up even faster than before. Those little prime lenses are very sharp around f/8 f/9, and if I needed a higher Res image, I could pop on the 105mm and do a tiled panorama version and get a large file, assuming I’m thinking ahead enough…
    The heavy "pro"body is not much affected by the twitch of pressing the shutter button, like one point and shoot that always rotated down with every press of the button. I think that mass helped my hand held shooting a lot.
    Great to share views Billy.
    Take care.

    – rjcolby

  • sandra22
    sandra22over 3 years ago

    Gorgeous little girls, Dick
    Sounds like you had great fun doing the Grand Dad thing, enjoy
    Sandra xx

  • That’s all true … they are and I did. Thanks.
    Dick xx

    – rjcolby

  • Traceyisanozzy
    Traceyisanozzyover 3 years ago

    Awww your granddaughters are soooo gorgeous Dick, and you have taken such beautiful images here, so glad you had a lovely time away and the girls look just as happy to have Grandpa hanging out with them too ;) xo

  • Thanks Tracey. It was nice, and I got to practice with that camera, I never thought I’d want, and I do like it with the prime lens. Hope you were not disturbed by my 5D commentary, because I think it is perfect for what you do.

    That Vanessa was an all day workout. She is so active, and bright, working out her cons and where my weaknesses are. No on the lollys, but yes on going for a walk, or outside to play, or when sitting extending my legs so she can bounce spring like on my ankles for just a little while, but then again after a brief rest, and again.

    With her red/brownish hair, she sure looked great as Dorothy for Halloween. That blue check dress was the prefect color for her, which I realize only after seeing her in it. Will post that soon.

    – rjcolby