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Superficial Banter

In this day and age, looking youthful is at the top of a lot of women’s thought, including young girls who are still youths themselves.
Plastic surgeons are laughing their way to the bank, thanks to the need to look like a real life airbrushed doll!
Usually speaking, i couldn’t really care less about beauty, unless i have a photoshoot in store, and then i get all girly and insecure. when this happens, my eyes instantaniously zooms in on my forehead, where i have two quite pronounced frown lines, making me look like i’m always frowning even when laughing.
Clearly and logically, they are not overly obvious until i point them out, considering the majority of people beleive that im under 18 years old, a nice compliment when your 25!
However on further inspection, these two lines…