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Capoeira Batizado Guy Version




  • All my artwork at are my expression of an icon in a material form, making it an original artwork. I follow the Fair Use policy in which copyrights may be exercised without the permission of the owner. Since my artworks use a likeness to the characters they are portraying, any right holders to the portraying characters may request to remove the artwork in question.
  • Age: 28
  • Joined: March 2011



I recently discovered that RedBubble has limits to the amount of work you can place into a category/collection. So I’ll be reorganising my work in smaller categories, like instead of “anime” it will be the name of the series, “gaming” will be under the franchise name etc…
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Well Wasn't Today a Shock

While being here I’ve received about 6 DMCA notices, and I understand that my artwork is Fan Art based on character likeness, so when I received a DMCA I don’t object to it, I just proceed forward and trying to avoid using the characters again. I follow the Fair Use policy in which copyrighted works may be exercised without the permission of the owner. I see it as a way I can introduc…
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A Word of Thanks As Time Moves On

I’ve been a member here at RedBubble from March 2011, my humble little store began with about 8 designs and for months I had no visitors, then on 8th June 2011 I sold my first T-Shirt design Capoeira Batizado Guy Version, I had between 10-20 visits a day, and I was filled with happyness that someone was wearing my design; it motivated me to design more. Now within 5 months I’ve designed 130…
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