i am a newcomer to the world of photography, that i find pretty enchanting.most of my work will not seem much significant to the Gurus out there.why i am here is to learn as much as i can from you people.feel free to share your views with me, i will always be at all ears and dont hesitate to pull my ears where i err and if my work strikes a chord, a little patting of back is all i expect.

About my work- i focus more on the common things that we come across daily and i try to capture them in a way that they seem less common.negative mode is my favourite as it makes things appear mystic.
and on the technical side, i use a simple digital camera.

P.S.-Hope i could influence the world of photography with my work.
enjoy your stay…

You can contact me through these sites also (please mention that you are from red bubble)-



twitter- @rishikantjoshi

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