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Beauty Within

lower and lower our laughter goes
an addiction boiling in our souls
greater than any other ever known
leaving fatal wounds and disposed beauty
giving any care to strengthen passion
the exotic things we lingered on
the emotions whipping, ripping, tearing through out bodies
when our eyes focused on the beauty within
such a wonder, delight, exciting, experience
seeing beyond any other ever
to what excists in pure pristine goddess’s breath
it screams out a sound that cant be heard
as it longs to be found and listened to
dissapearing longings of love that lies still
in the heartbeat of young lovers is where you’ll find trueness
something hidden and out of place we wish we found then
or found and lost in faraway, holding on strongly to hope
if a time was ever aghast at these reactions
it would be now that we realized this horrified bleeding
the pretty thoughts we said before
faking all along, feigning a heartfelt smile to them
now its over, the truth is revealed in our arms
we see it all, not beauty from pain but beauty from within =]

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