What, No Kids Sizes?

Not every design uploaded to Riott Designs makes it onto kids clothing. While I tend to keep all my designs child-friendly, at the same time there are designs where I think, “Any child who even knows what this is about must be a Time Lord in disguise”. I myself was a kid when Holly created the Holly Hop Drive on Red Dwarf, my games console of choice was the ZX Spectrum, and Archie Brooks was the love of my Emmerdale life. I know people in their 20’s who don’t even remember Archie, but I digress.

There are some out there who will buy clothes for their kids even though said child has no idea what it’s about, “but hey lookie, mommy baught me a colourful t-shirt. YAY!”… I know this to be true, having inflicted a kids size Ramone’s t-shirt …