What, No Kids Sizes?

Not every design uploaded to Riott Designs makes it onto kids clothing. While I tend to keep all my designs child-friendly, at the same time there are designs where I think, “Any child who even knows what this is about must be a Time Lord in disguise”. I myself was a kid when Holly created the Holly Hop Drive on Red Dwarf, my games console of choice was the ZX Spectrum, and Archie Brooks was the love of my Emmerdale life. I know people in their 20’s who don’t even remember Archie, but I digress.

There are some out there who will buy clothes for their kids even though said child has no idea what it’s about, “but hey lookie, mommy baught me a colourful t-shirt. YAY!”… I know this to be true, having inflicted a kids size Ramone’s t-shirt on my own little minion. I hear she’s into death metal these days though…

STOP PRESS: While writing this note, I just made a sale on the aforementioned ‘Holly Hop Drive’ t-shirt – KIDS SIZE! Mind officially blown!

Back to business – with all the above in mind, if one of my designs catches your eye that you’d like to buy for one of your little munchkins and you find that I’ve not made it available in kids sizes, please feel free to get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, or Bubblemail. I’ll be more than happy to activate those sizes for you.

Take care, loves.
Lisa x

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