Facebook Page

Hey everyone, you likely haven’t noticed yet but I’ve updated my Redbubble About me section, which includes links to my new Facebook Page , where I will hold small contests for free shirts and stickers!
I would really appreciate if you could stop by, and give it a like! Maybe leave a comment if you’d like.

Hope you guys are having a good day c:

Revised Shirt Designs

I am editing some of the designs I have here, resizing them to better fit and also doing some minor artistic edits with older works.

If you’ve purchased a shirt from me and noticed anything you would change, please let me know.
I haven’t purchased one of them all for myself so I’m not sure how some of them print.
Your feedback would be highly appreciated

Most edits will be of re-sizing and adding a distinct outline to those that would look better with one.


Hello you bunch of tasteful people c;
I’m experimenting with adding iPhone and iPad designs to my current works so please excuse if you see multiple updates or if you come back and a design has changed. I’m going through a few different looks to find out what looks best. Feel free to leave any feedback here if you have any.