Apart from photography, I’m also a writer and musician. Have just published a tongue in cheek black comedy Victorian thriller (www.moustacheman.co.uk) and two albums of experimental gloom (www.musicforvoyeurs.co.uk and www.iamamanwithasttropeztan.co.uk)
Shortlisted for 2008’s Travel Photographer of the Year, I take my Nikon everywhere except when I’m drinking. A photographer and journalist, I have worked with villains, boxers, horrendous celebrities, old men, young men, musicians, gypsies, the occasional prostitute and a boozed-up badger.
I have just published a book on unlicensed boxing
Have a look at my website: www.ricksenley.com and a book on Menorca, one of The Cotswolds and another of Faces

  • Age: 43
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