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You can never have too much of a good thing!

New Popdeck Sub / Ninja Pirate Moustache Bunny
Posted almost 7 years – 4 comments

New Friends

Hello, / I just want to introduce a new friend of mine that joined redbubble recently. His name is Dane Ault, he is an amazing illustrator and great guy. Check out his redbubble page DaneAult and then his website http://www.monkeyminionpress.com/. / Thanks for reading my post! / Best wishes Dane! / Richter
Posted almost 7 years – 2 comments

This Place Blows

This is at my friends glass blowing studio. Just thought you might want to check it out.
Posted about 7 years – 3 comments

Art Hop

So yesterday was Art Hop here in Portland Oregon. I sold some work, and pushed the Bubble. People were very receptive to the idea of buying online and having so many color choices. I had a digital picture frame with a slide show of all my Redbubble tees, and one shirt on display so people could see the quality. I think I will get a few sales and probably a few new members here on Redbubble. Speci…
Posted about 7 years – 9 comments