Important Things You Should Know Before Learning To Play the Piano Fish

CAUTION…Please read carefully before attempting to play the piano fish
Keep in mind these guide lines were made for YOU!!!
Be sure to keep in a convenient place!!!
Refer to them as often as you like.

You do Not have to be a piano fish to play a piano fish.

You have to believe you CAN play a piano fish to play the piano fish.
Until you have done so there is no reason to read further!
A bad attitude will not be tolerated!

No one is a natural born piano fish player.

NO TEXTING or DRIVING while playing the piano fish.
It takes TWO hands to play the piano fish properly!
Multitasking is OUT! Your only cheating yourself! Not the piano fish!

CAUTION: Consult your physician about playing the piano fish.
(Ask if playing the piano fish is right for you)
If your doctor says it’s right for you…then say it’s right for them!

You MUST practice playing the piano fish to play the piano fish properly.

You do not need to know what a piano fish is to play the piano fish.
Let someone else figure it out!
Be sure to tell them “I could of told you that!”

Currently unavailable for purchase

Important Things You Should Know Before Learning To Play the Piano Fish by 

*Caring for your piano fish is very important!
Consult the “Caring for Your Piano Fish Guide”
if you wish to care for your piano fish.
This is highly recommended.


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peace love enjoy :) :) :)

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  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellabout 2 years ago

    fuck I love this………………..I’m such a piano fish playing kinda gal…I thought I was the only player of the piano fish, it is really exciting to know I’m not alone. I like to wear my purple frock and yellow sun hat when playing the piano fish, having the window open is optional. :)

  • Ohh Lisa… others can come out of the closet now that you’ve opened the door.
    Your a trail blazer!
    You can check out the dress code manual if ever in doubt
    on what to wear…a entire section on frocks!!!
    ….the open window let’s the cat out :))

    – Rich Ladig

  • Matt Penfold
    Matt Penfoldabout 2 years ago

    I gave up playing the piano fish, I used to do the scales every day but now it sounds discordant and I can’t find a tuna…

  • Now Matt is getting silly ! Haha! Don’t give up Matt! Many do the scales with a fillet knife which would produce the discordance. See “Doing the Scales Properly” (on pg. 4) and continue your practice! Some great info on how to
    tuna fish in the FAQ!

    – Rich Ladig

  • Thea T
    Thea Tabout 2 years ago

    “A bad attitude will not be tolerated”…well, that counts me out then, lol!

  • …don’t worry about it, Thea!

    You don’t have to follow the rules to play the piano fish! :D
    (it’s in the small print…many miss this) :))

    – Rich Ladig

  • Personally… I like your bad attitude!

    – Rich Ladig

  • Nancy  Joan
    Nancy Joanabout 2 years ago

    Can you tell me where I can purchase Caring for Your Piano Fish Guide? I fear I may need to educate myself further.

    Friggin love this. Great work.

  • They are a rare find Nancy
    …as the first thing people do is throw them out!
    Yes…they are very educational!!! :))

    – Rich Ladig

  • WoolleyWorld
    WoolleyWorldabout 2 years ago

    I suspect playing the piano fish might be good for the soul…or should i say “sole”…..(sorry Rich, for being so obvious)

  • Haha! Love it Maree! Gets me thinking sharing art is cool
    …but sharing food…OMG!
    Ready for Foodbook??? :))

    – Rich Ladig

  • evon ski
    evon skiabout 2 years ago

    hey i just got here . . .sooo . . what are we doing now??:)
    so delightful I love how you are bossing us all around with all these instructions.
    I’m not very musical but I am happy to make snix snaxs for practice. perhaps gold fish crackers?
    LOL love this piece Rich!!!

  • …just helping people follow their dreams with some motivational guidance! :D

    Goldfish! Perfect Yvonca!…as they turn everything orange that gets near them. Details in the “Why Are Orange Hand Prints Showing Up?” section in the “Trouble Shooters Guide for People Who Would Rather Eat Snacks Than Learn” Just saying …as a little suggestion!!!!!!!

    – Rich Ladig

  • evon ski
    evon skiabout 2 years ago

    busted. :))) God yur a riot!

  • SWEET!!!…thank you!!!!

    – Rich Ladig

  • kenroome
    kenroomeabout 2 years ago

    You are inspiring me to start a revolution. Playing piano fish was outlawed in my country many years ago. Being caught playing a piano fish, even in the privacy of your own piano fish case, is punishable by imprisonment in the Artists Penal Colony, where everyone is given the same paint-by-numbers picture and two colors, gray and grey.
    Viva the Revolucion! Viva the piano fish!

  • Haha! Was afraid these legal matters would surface Ken. As the courts are
    being upheld in dispute over it being a “revolution” or “de-evolution”.
    But in an UNANIMOUS decision…the phrase “Artist Penal Colony” was outlawed…putting the first amendment under review.

    – Rich Ladig

  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Tayloralmost 2 years ago

    thank you so much for the Guide, I don’t know what I would have done, should I have not been able to see this most important piece of information. It should be housed in every library and passed down from generation to generation. I have never tried it myself, but imagine it’s a rather delicious activity to which I am aspiring :)

  • Jump right in Karin…we are all beginners!
    Best thing to remember about playing the piano fish is…the more we practice the worse we get. Be sure to hang the “Best Thing To Remember” page on the fridge. This page is BACKED with a magnet (for your convenience…of course!!!)

    – Rich Ladig

  • Tammera
    Tammeraalmost 2 years ago

    lmao!!!….so much like life!!….and I soooo love the painting that goes with this….in fact …that is how i got ere…by seeing your piano fish painting!! cheers!!….practice shall begin immediately!!….;-D

  • ohh Tammera!…this is not “so much like life”!!!! YOU HAVE ARRIVED! This is it!!! Your self starter attitude is quite apparent by starting immediately. You may skip the “Getting Started” section and read ahead to “I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This”

    – Rich Ladig

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