Amherst, United States

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I live in Belchertown, MA
Picture taking is my hobby. I like to share my enjoyment of nature with others by means of photography. I am definitely a photo addict, as I will take my camera with with me everywhere, and take pictures of anything that catches my eye.
My camera is a Canon Rebel T1i. I use both a 18 – 55mm and a 55 – 250mm Canon zoom lenses
I also have used a Fuji s700 camera. My computer is an iMac. I use iPhoto software.

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getting up

In the morning….. / The sun’s light…….. / reveals the world to itself……..
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Things are looking up!

My eyes are returning to normal. I can see clearly now most of the time. / I have been able to get out for a bit here and there. I have on new photo I will post today. / I am also going to put up an older photo of reflections take last Fall at Puffers Pond in Amherst, MA. / I have come to really enjoy sharing my pictures on Red Bubble. / Also, I have already bought two tee shirts from members.…
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A pain in the eyes!

Conjunctivitis…… / I had heard of it, but I had never experienced it until now. / I have been dealing with it for the past week, with medical help. / Anything that affects my eyes scares me. / My vision was blurry. It has mostly come back to normal now. / There was also this horrible feeling of being a kind of “leper.” / This is easily “transmittable,” the do…
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