I am

Loved. Hated.

A boy. A girl.
A son. A daughter.
A sister. A brother.
A mother. A father.

Important. Insignificant.
The past. The present.
The future.

A musician. A listener.
A dancer. A partner.
A reader. A writer.
An artist. A viewer.
A teacher. A student.
Always learning.

A friend. An enemy.
Confident. A coward.
Determined. Resolute.
A being empowered.

Aware. Oblivious.
Ignorant. Wise.
A child. An adult.
Young. Old.
Alive. Dying.
A visitor. An owner.
A wanderer.
A passer-by.

Stressed. Relaxed.
Dependent. Self-sufficient.
Alone. Accompanied.
Popular. Confused.
Curious. Cautious.

Adventurous. A free soul.
Bound. Imprisoned.
Captive. Controlled.
A spectator.
An instigator.
A fighter.
A hero.

A blessing.
A nobody.
A somebody.
Everything to someone.

Respectful. Disgraceful.
Inspired. Inspiration.
Reluctant. Hesitant.
Gullible. Alert.
Selfish. Greedy.
Vain. Proud.
Wild. Domestic.
A lover. A friend.
A lifeline.

Reliant. Supportive.
A person. Independent.
A traveler.
A home.
A refuge.
A figment of my imagination.

A mistake. Intentional.
A person.
A body.
A soul.
The love between two people.
A specific series of events.

Lonely. Desperate.
Submissive. Passive.
Aggressive. Cooperative.
Positive. Counterproductive.
Negative. Suggestive. Elusive.

Vulgar. Delicate.
Dainty. Tough.
Secure. Infatuated.
Resentful. Unappreciated.

Prosecuted. Defended.
Immature. Creative.
Clever. Mislead.
Mistaken for someone else.

Sophisticated. Dumb.

A man.
A woman.

Ubiquitous. Omnipotent.

Repetitive. Repetitive.
Redundant. Excessive.
Conservative. Conventional.
Thrifty. Transcendent.
Enthralled. Fascinated.
Pompous. Manipulative.
Convincing. Influential.
Significant. Worthwhile.

Enigmatic. Sporadic.
Manic poetic.

Silent. Portentous.
Distant. Pretentious.
Dangerous. Hazardous.
Nothing special.

Linear. Singular.
Dissimilar. Irregular.
Bipolar. Semipopular.
An ocular secular with a spectacular vernacular.

Incoherent. Overrated.
Inconsistent. Understated.
Forced upon.

Tall. Short.
Dark skinned.
Light skinned.
Brown eyed. Blue eyed.
Green eyed. Mystified.
Finding myself.

Enlightened. Enlisted.
Convoluted. Twisted.
Complex. Intricate.
Difficult. Implicit.
Asleep. Awake.
A fake.
An original copy.
My mother.
My father.
My sister.
My brother.
What everyone wanted.
What no one saw coming.

A genius. A fool.
Unpopular. Super cool.
A crush. A chore.
Addicted. A drugstore.

Silent. Loud.
A dream.
A vision.
A sight.
Just alright.

Self-centered. Giving.
Still dying. Still living.
Still searching. Still finding.
A better half. Spellbinding.

A perfectionist. A procrastinator.
An illusionist. An actor.
A prophet. A saint.
Adhesive. Wet paint.
Skilled. Religious.
Able-bodied. Fictitious.
Conceited. Renowned.
Entreated. Dumbfound.
Overworked. Underpaid.
A shoulder to cry on.
An emotional band-aid.

A fortuneteller. An open door.
The next bestseller. An omnivore.
For sale. Sold.
Warm. Cold.
The first. The second. The third. The last.
Forgotten. Remembered.
My family’s past.
A name.
A bloodline.
A stranger.

Adaptive. Responsive.
Irrelevant. Relative.
A worker. A beggar.
A pusher. A puller.
A mover. A doer.
A quality loser.
A winner. A trier.
A rabble-rouser.
A pacifist. A pacifier.
A realist. An antagonist.
An idealist.
A thinker.

An inventor. A buyer.
A renter. A sinner.
Forgiver. An expert.

Returning. Leaving.
Preserving. Cleaving.
Hidden. Revealed.
Damaged. Healed.
Random. Deliberate.
Insufficient. Adequate.
Kinky. Orthodox.
Reasonable. A paradox.
A pair of socks that do not match.

A separator. Reattached.
A trickster. A prankster.
Hardcore. A gangster.
An officer. A protector.
Untraceable. An inspector.
A magician. An audience.
Defiant. Compliant.

Labeled. Judged.
Accepted. Begrudged.
Bewitched. perplexed.
Bewildered. Vexed.
Disenchanted. Disconcerted.
Levelheaded. Reasserted.

Sound of mind.
Sound of soul.
Fallen to pieces.

A part time failure. An overall success.
A brand-name slave. Always well dressed.
A supporter of life. A supporter of choice.
One who lived. One more voice.
Making my mark. Fading away.
Carpe Diem – Seizing the day.

The innocent. The guilty.
The judge. The jury.
The culprit. The victim.
The Wasteland. Verbatim.

The predator. The prey.
Night. Day.
Eloquent. Abstinent.
Inarticulate. Indulgent.
Obedient. Rebellious.
Covetous. Jealous.
Acquiescent. Omnipresent.
Unenjoyable. Codependent.
Running rampant.
Hiding away.
Living in the past.
Forgetting today.

A defender. A warrior.
A creator. A destroyer.

The beginning.
The end.
Everything in between.

I am me.

Who are you?

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The is something I had been wanting to write up for a while, but didnt quote know how. Though I only wrote it over the past two weeks, this concept of identifying self and who we are was a final project in my theory of knowledge class, and has since had me thining about this concept.


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  • © Janis Zroback
    © Janis Zrobackover 5 years ago

    Everything and nothing….

    Great work Chris…

  • HeatherTS
    HeatherTSover 5 years ago

    this is beautiful, i did one of these a few months back…yours is better!

    i think i have the same title! lol (just means we are kick @ss)

    haha! anyhow great work…now i am going to have to read more of your writtings…

  • jacqleen
    jacqleenalmost 5 years ago

    I LOVE this…………………………….!

  • Thank you so much Jacqleen =)

    – Chris Richards

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