Take a walk in your local wilderness

Being the outdoors kind of type, I happily accepted the task of taking on a new article series for the local news website I write for, windsoriteDOTca, which entails me going out to a variety of parks in the city, and snapping photos to display. The Summer in the CIty series is really to help people in Windsor know what’s around them and what they can enjoy while this awesome summer weather is in.

It had been some time, however, since I took a book hike in any of my local parks, so with camera, bug spray, and two bottles of water in tow, I set out for Ojibway Park. Ojibway Park is the main centre for a complex of five different protected prairie and savannah lands located between Windsor and Lasalle, Ontario, Canada. Numerous species, both common and endangered, can be found here with a combination of luck and silent patience.

While I know not everyone has government protected grasslands in their backyard, when was the last time you took a drive out to a natural wooded area? Take an afternoon, if you can, and just spend some time out in nature. While I found nothing out of the ordinary in terms of scarcity or endangered species, I definitely stumbled upon a wide assortment of little life forms and curiosities. To see the second part of the article, which was posted today, and some thirty-five odd pictures, click the image below. If you’re interested in part one of it all, there’s a link in the text in part two.


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