Of Native American/Celtic heritage. A silversmith/metalsmith, working in silver, brass, and copper, with semiprecious stones. Jewelry is all hand made no molds used, just the old fashion way of hand tooling. I also carry jewelry from a number of my friends in the Native community as well as other sources all will readily identified as made by me or others. Have been in this for about 30 years and also deal with fine glass to farm equipment. NASCAR, non-sports cards, gum cards, marbles (both contemporary and vintage), comics, books, jewelry, aromatherapy, and metaphysical items.
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Here is where I showcase several of the various artist from different sites that I belong around the web, on my website, so if curiosity get the better of you check out to see if you are showcased at
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Richard Redhawk Saunders

A DAV (Disabled American Veteran) Life Member Sgt. USAF
Honor those who serve both those in uniform and the vets

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Sale today of 40 stickers thanks

Sold 40 of the Forget me Not design as stickers, Thank you for showing your support ot those who have fallen and made the ultimate sacrifice to their fellow humans.
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POW WOW time all you Alabamaites

Be on very little as will be at a POW WOW in Ashland Alabama (just east of Talladega NASCAR country) for the 2nd Annual Spirit of the Wolf POW WOW any of you get a chance to stop by this weekend (Friday thru Sunday) and say hello
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POW WOW in Ashland Alabama

Next Friday the 28 of May I will be at a POW WOW in Ashland Alabama.
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you artist in this country check this out

You live in the great USA check this out / http://www.cnsnews.com/cnsnewstv/v/Xd6U2GaGSU / me have no comment me just push button and run like h@@@
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