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Do you run Ads?

Do any of you guys run ads?
Facebook, google etc anything at all?
Please tell us what you will about them


  • Patrick  Warneka
    Patrick Warnekaalmost 4 years ago

    (my first post here)
    I have run ads on FB and response has been just OK. sold a few prints, but nothing to make me raise the daily spending limit.
    Does it work? I would say yes, but I will argue that you really have to know exactly who likes to buy your work. if you cannot narrow it down, you might end up spending a lot of money per sale.
    If you run ads, just to help build awareness, knowing that you might spend $50- 100 and get nothing in return, then I feel FB is a fantastic way to drill down to yoru suspected audience.

    On the other hand, Nothing beats what you will learn if you set aside a few bucks and run an ad just to see the results first hand.

    sorry so vague, ask more and I can give better examples.

  • Great thanks Patrick
    I run an ad on facebook and recently tweaked it but I don’t really know who my target market is. I’ve tried to get RB to provide statistics and demographics but they keep saying “it’s coming” and then never delivering

    I suppose the questions I would ask are:
    How do you figure out who your target audience is?
    What sort of things worked for you on facebook ads? text? daily limit? targeting?

    how exactly do you see the results first hand?
    Facebook give a breakdown of clicks versus impressions but how do you take that and convert it into knowledge you can use to tweak the ad further or even start a new ad?

    – Richard Keech

  • Patrick  Warneka
    Patrick Warnekaalmost 4 years ago

    When I show some on my work to friends or people in person, (I am not trying to be snippy) but listen to what they say. We,photographers, need to understand we shoot things because of what WE see. Ask them what they like about a photo and they will tell you what THEY see. usually it is different from why we shot it.

    As for text, don’t tell then about the photo, tell then WHAT they can do with it. " perfect for your New condo walls!" A great gift for that new job" " for your favorite nature lover"

    People don’t want to buy a drill, they really just want the hole.

    Don’t tell them about your art, Tell them what to do with your art.

    As for stats, don’t worry about them for now, once you do it for a while, you will start to see a pattern.

    How much to spend?
    I sell some posters for $19-25 USD
    I try to keep my ads cost down to maybe $3-5 dollars a day. if your work costs a lot more, then you have a little my money you can spend per day. but ALWAYS keep in mind that you don’t want to spend more in a month than what the product actually costs.

    I only do the “pay per click” that way my ad can be “seen” by many, but I don’t have to pay unless they click through.