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Redbubble Management....SEO is important!!!

For those that the links don’t work for please search for the phrases “buy art”, “Buy Fine Art” and “Buy fine art Photography” the results for RB should be on pages 9, 22 and 8 respectively.(I couldn’t get the problem to repeat)
For the results not to be skewed you need to be logged out from any google product that requires you to login

Link to a Google search for Buy Art Note the page its on

Link to a Google search for Buy Fine Art first mention of Redbubble for the search “Buy Fine Art” is not even the landing page but a specific artists work (I.e. they did a better job of ranking well than Redbubble.com did)

And again a specific artist ranks higher then the whole website for the search “Buy fine art Photography” Link to a Google search for Buy Fine Art Photography

I could go on with this but basically my issue is that a site like Redbubble should be in the top 5-10 Results for searches like this not lucky if they are on the top 10 pages and even then not the main site I.e www.Redbubble.com but rather an individual artists

Have a look at whats ranking ahead of Redbubble…. It’s pretty much every single competitor they have even the tiny ones that have practically no visitors etc

Please Redbubble management spend some money on a SEO expert or two and don’t stop until www.redbubble.com Ranks on the front page for all relevant searches

If anybody doubts the value of SEO Then I’d like to point you to this article on volume of monthly visitors to Photography Blog and specifically the line that states “Due to consistent top 10 rankings, 65% of visitors find Photography Blog via a search engine.”
So according to my post here about unique visits, RB gets 390,000 unique monthly visits, and as we know that they don’t rank in the top ten we can assume that if they did 65% of the traffic would come from a search engine and that the visitors we currently have would be 35% of the total which would theoretically be (approx) 1,114,280 monthly visits. So thats an extra 724,280 people a month viewing RB pages, thats 25,867 people a day!!
I sure wouldn’t mind having that many extra chances each day to put my art in front of a potential buyer

I’ve posted about this in the feedback forum So go add your vote and lets see what we can do
Great work with the forum voting it’s now ranked 47th which is fantastic but still not enough so encourage people to vote and add more votes of your own if you can

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