The BEST places to sell your art and daily unique visits Part 2

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Small update: I haven’t really mentioned Redbubble in my analysis, I just wanted to say that Redbubble is a good place to sell and that I’m not recommending these other sites over Redbubble but rather as well as Redbubble

So I posted yesterday about the best places to sell art based on unique visits (for an explanation of all the term see here for Google’s and here for Alexa’s and Compete’s can be found on their site)
Something I mentioned was that
“These figures only reflect how many people are visiting these sites on a daily basis. It doesn’t show how many purchases are made on a daily basis or profit margins or ease of use statistics or how many people are selling on each site so please use your intelligence when analysing them
What it does show is numbers of potential buyers visiting each site each day
How you use this information is up to you.”

I also mentioned that I was going to check the results with Alexa and Compete which I have done and also taken the data supplied by Google and Alexa and compiled it into two tables

As you can see there is a fair bit of stuff to wade through
Couple of points:

  1. Reach is % of global Internet users who visit a given site
  2. Google only gave me 1 decimal point for Reach hence several just say 0 this is because their reach % was less than 0.09
  3. Bounce is the percentage of visits to a given site that consist of a single page turn
  4. The unique visits daily is my own estimation from a graph whereas the unique visits month is the actual figure Google supply
  5. Time on site for Google is measured in minutes and seconds whereas Alexa measures in minutes and fractions of minutes

Caveat: I’m NOT a statistician or an analytics expert! Please use your own intelligence in analysing these figures and using them in your business!

What I can see is FineArtAmerica has a very low Visits/Visitor (2.8) and a comparitivley low Time on Site (6:10) too. This is supported by Alexa’s data as well Pageviews/user (3.71), Time on Site (2.79) and a Bounce rate of 68.9%.
I read this as users visiting FineArtAmerica click through only 2-3 pages in a few minutes then leave and don’t really come back again (i.e. nothing there keeps their interest)

If you compare that with something like Etsy who has a high Visits/Visitor rate (7.5) one of the highest Time on Site (14:30) and, (from Alexa) the highest Pageviews/user (17.1) a reasonable low Bounce rate (32%) and, again, one of the longest Time on Site (10.45)
What I read this as is users arrive on Etsy and 2/3rds of them are immediately interested in something, they click through a number of pages taking 10-15 minutes of their day and also come back nearly twice as many times as FineArtAmerica users

What all of this means is that we have a tool to decide where might be a good place to try to sell art based on what our target audience is doing
To state it again this shows NOTHING of sales or conversion rates of visitors to buyers all it shows is how many people are visiting which sites and how long they stay on the site (i.e. how interesting they find it)

Looking at Redbubble we can see that their Visits/Visitor rate (5.1) is above the average, that Time on Site (14:40) IS the highest of all the sites, the Pageviews/user (9.53) is, again, above average and that the bounce rate, while not brilliant, is below average (which is a good thing in this case)

My conclusion is:

  1. Etsy, Createspace, Mpix, Artfire and Photoways seem to be sites people come back to often, They all also rank highly or above average on Time on Site
  2. Photobucket and possibly Snapfish (and also other photosharing sites) might be a good place to have some lower quality (i.e. resolution) images with a link pointing to your page on Etsy, Redbubble etc for sales
  3. That Fotothing, Easyart and FineArtAmerica might not be the best places to have images as, based on the bounce rate, they are unlikely to be seen by many people at all
  4. Also, touching on something I haven’t mentioned yet, the observant of you will have noticed the three extra columns with Most visited X sex, Most visited X age and Most visited X Education. These can be used to determine the majority user of these sites, that in turn can be used to target your advertising to a more specific audience i.e. Somebody selling on Etsy might target an ad on Facebook at Females between the ages of 25-34 who go to or have gone to college
    Having said that as this data doesn’t take into consideration who is a seller on the site and who isn’t, it might be that the sellers are all F/25-34/college educated and that the buyers are actually M/35-44/grad school educated
    without being able to get the data that separates sellers from visitors there is no way to tell this

Last of all which sites am I going to join. Well based on the results shown here:

  1. DeviantArt, Etsy, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Createspace, Photoreflect, Photoways and Mpix (and of course Redbubble but we’re all already here) seem to be places with a good combination of unique visits, visits/visitor, pageview/user and Time on Site all with below average Bounce rates and good reach
  2. Based on anecdotal evidence (people who’ve told me) KodakGallery, Zazzle, Cafepress, Lulu and Smugmug are also good investments
  3. Imagekind and Artfire seem to be on the way up at the moment and may be good investments for the future
  4. Moo and Photobox seem to be good places to get work printed for your portfilio (Photobox gives 50 Free prints when you join)
  5. As well as this I’ll be using Photobucket, Flickr and Picasa as sites I advertise on (advertise in this case means not a paid ad but a presence on the site as a normal user) pointing them back at one of the other sites I sell on

In the future I might dabble in some of the other sites but right now I think it wisest to limit to nine or ten of the best sites and see how things go
I intend to set up Google analytics for all of the sites I join which should allow me to analyse which of the sites are proving a good investment and which are not by showing me which ones convert views to sales etc

If there is a site you think i should have added then please tell me and I’ll check it out (or do so yourself and let me know the results)

Again I hope you all find this usefull
And I hope the Redbubble admins find this useful too (although they probably know all these stats and a bunch more too already) and I do want to say Well Done to them for getting Redbubble in the fight and into the Top Ten

and just to state it again I know I have been accused of being a bit sales obsessive and that Redbubble is about community as much as it is sales but at the end of the day I would love to be able to make a living doing what I love, making art!
If this helps me and you to do that then I’m happy
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