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The BEST places to sell your art and daily unique visits

I’m looking for work as an assistant photographer right now see my post about it here

Update: There is a second part to this. Find it here

I’ve been investigating places to sell art (not necessarily places that print your images, some of these you have to already have a physical product)
after an extensive search I had around 76 sites (I had ignored some as they do offer selling but not always for art pieces i.e. antiques)

I put all these sites through Google trends on the website section which gives the data on daily unique visitors (two other sites provide similar information are Alexa and Compete Both of which I plan to do the same with just to confirm the results) over certain regions and over a certain periods of time

I then took the results and ranked them by volume of daily visitors:
(All amounts are approximate and as current as I was able) 4m (sells through
Deviant Art 1.4m
Etsy 600k
Shutterfly 300k 290k 250k
Zazzle 200k
Cafepress 200k
Smugmug 120k 70k
Redbubble 45k 35k 35k 35k
spreadshirt 30k
Photobox 28k
Easyart 20k
Photoreflect 20k
Photoways 20k 19k
Imagekind 15k 12k 7.5k (although currently closed to submissions)
fotothing 7k 7k 5k 3k

If the site is not listed here then Google didn’t have enough data to list them (the other sites mentioned may do, I don’t know yet
Obviously I haven’t mentioned stock sites or places like ebay or flickr. The reason for this is first I’m talking about art not stock, Second Ebay is pretty much universally known and third although Flickr is a photo-sharing site you can sell through it via two methods i know of (Getty and It’s daily visitors are massive (upwards of 5m unique visitors each day) but they are mostly there for sharing not buying
These figures only reflect how many people are visiting these sites on a daily basis. It doesn’t show how many purchases are made on a daily basis or profit margins or ease of use statistics or how many people are selling on each site so please use your intelligence when analysing them

What it does show is numbers of potential buyers visiting each site each day
How you use this information is up to you. Personally I will be creating a presence on at least the top ten on the list (if not all of them) although I will make a big effort to fit the character of each site and not have too many double-ups of work on various sites

If there is a site you think i should have added then please tell me and I’ll check it out (or do so yourself and let me know the results)

Hope you all find this usefull
And I hope the Redbubble admins find this useful too (although they probably know all these stats and a bunch more too already) and I do want to say Well Done to them for getting Redbubble in the fight and into the Top Ten

Last of all I know I have been accused of being a bit sales obsessive and that Redbubble is about community as much as it is sales but at the end of the day I would love to be able to make a living doing what I love, making art!
If this helps me and you to do that then I’m happy
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If you are able to supply statistics about sales on RB v sales on other sites that people would find useful Please BMail me and I’ll collate it all into a journal post

I can supply the full list of 76 if people want just BMail me

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