Copy Rights infringements

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We all know that, as much as we like to think of everyone as kind, loving and caring people, some people out there steal, lie and cheat
I’ve posted previously about a website on which you can do reverse image searches to find where your images are being used on the net, and hopefully find if they have been stolen and used illegally.

Recently I read a post on a photography site I frequent about what that particular photographer does to prevent Copyright infringement and what he does when he finds it
You can read it here

No body likes having their work stolen and together we can do something about it
Keep an eye out for stuff you recognise (I’ve recognised stuff in the past as someone’s and alerted them to the fact that someone was using their images) let the owner know

Generally a friendly email is enough to sort out the problem but sometimes not. The next steps are spelled out in the article I linked to

Caveat: The author of the article and I are not lawyers or solicitors and you should get your own advice from your solicitor

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