I have always had a vivid imagination, and a love for design and graphics. My hobbies and interests include writing, Information Technology, History, Travel, and Transportation (especially trams and trains). The older the transportation, the better as it is then a memory to be cherished.

I have also recently gotten into photography. You can see examples of my work in my Flickr account.

I’m starting to do alot more editing and experimentation with my photos, turning them into something more ‘art-like’ rather than just a straight shoot and upload. Comments on these edited pictures would be very much appreciated.

I am the founder of Digidoc Repair and a writer of Digidoc Repair’s blog as well as Through the eyes of a Londoner.

I’ve also started a forum topic for artists who would like to have their work featured in my blog (for potential exposure to a wider audience). If interested, read up about it here

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'Tomorrow's History'

This is to announce my latest collection of artwork designed to go together to fit a theme. / I’ve called this collection ’Tomorrow’s History’ as I wanted to capture the present and get the viewer to look at it from the perspective of someone from the Future. / For example, we’re in 2010, but what if 100 years have elapsed? / what would the world be like? / Would Ca…
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Richard Ray ---- Art and Photography Facebook Page

Hi all, This is officially my first Journal posting (and hopefully the first of many). I thought I’d share my Facebook page to everyone. Please check out and let me know how it is. I’d really appreciate it if you become a fan too. I could do with the exposure. / Richard Ray ---— Art and Photography
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