Mount Size

I’m going to frame some of my pictures and have been searching for information with regard to the border left around the print.

I know that a print should (ideally) be weighted towards the top of the frame, meaning that the space at the bottom should be larger than the space at the top.

I.E. the same amount of space between the frame and the pint on the left, right and top but a larger space at the bottom.

Do you have any idea what the ratio of space around a print should be for framing a print for any given size of frame?

Any help would be very much appreciated.


  • Garth Smith
    Garth Smithover 3 years ago

    There is no set thing I don’t think.

    I have seen approximately A4 size with about 15cm of mat all round and with 20cm at the bottom.
    I thought it looked strange but obviously someone didn’t.

    When I do 30 × 20 inch prints I think I do 8-9 cm at the sides & top and 10-12cm at the bottom.

    But the thing that might make all the difference for you could be standard sizes and shapes of glass, backing board, mats and framing timber available in your area. There may be an optimum size for your prints that maximises your use of one or all of these and gets more out of each piece.

  • Raymond Kerr
    Raymond Kerrover 3 years ago

    My framed exhibition prints A1,A2 .. and A3+ have the the same border.. but depends on the frame .. Personal choice my friend .. !! It’s what your happy with !!

  • Lea Valley Photographic
    Lea Valley Pho...over 3 years ago

    Garth and Raymond, thank you so much for your input.

    I’ll probably just hold the print onto the mount board and see what looks right in the end… :)

  • Motti Golan
    Motti Golanover 3 years ago

    Check out this page perhaps this will help you :)

  • An excellent page with some great information, thank you so much… :)

    – Lea Valley Photographic

  • Lenka
    Lenkaover 3 years ago

    probably just hold the print onto the mount board and see what looks right in the end… :)

    This is a good manner to find out :)
    Last year I was designing a set of cards for a local group of artists, the pictures had a thin black line around and a shadow on white background, to look like a hanging painting, I planned to have a bit more space at the bottom of the card but most of them preferred to have the pictures centered… Many people, many minds :)