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Capelle Aan Den Ijssel, Netherlands

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I am a customizer, photographer, painter and digital comic drawer. I am all of them, combined into a human package. Although i’m mere human flesh, i have these urges to let destructive, creative forces loose on people.

Some survive, some end up in the gutter gnehehe.

I’ve recently started <a href="">Twittering&l...;, took some time to get used to it. But it’s up there 0

  • Age: 32
  • Joined: October 2009


Something like a Daily Deviant

A long time ago i was ‘featured’ by Sheezyart – it’s similar to a Daily Deviant – i was pretty proud of it, just wanted to share - /
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Custom Stuff goes Worldwide!

From now on it’s possible for international consumers to order customized Xbox/Wii consoles and controllers. It’s even possible to get a brand new, fully customized Xbox/Wii console or controller fresh from the box! So you don’t even need to go out and get the stuff yourself! / / The new information flyers about my work can be obtained here trough Deviant …
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Sore Loser

I have to rant for a moment. / There are some people on Deviant who think they’re king. Just because they have high page views. The rant for today is for this guy, on this work > / I stated that i find his ‘watermark’ ‘off’ and ‘amateuristic’. I didn’t say anything about his wor…
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Animal Rights in Danger!

If there’s one thing that pisses me off the most – and people who know me, know that i don’t get pissed off easily – is the fact that animal rights are in danger. / I am one of the biggest animal fans out there, and a animal rights pacifist at heart, to the core. Animals deserve the same rights as humans, and should be on a equal level when it comes to endangerment and car…
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