La Trobe Reading Room - Saturday 4th January

I was invited to meet Mieke Boynton and many other RedBubblers for a photowalk across Melbourne. Mieke was down from Broome and would be in town for a few days and wanted to catch up with photography friends and Bubblers. It was a huge day for her and you can read all about it at:

…and a delightful day was had by all!! by Mieke Boynton.

I was only able to meet the wandering troupe at the State Library, where we spent most time photographing the domed La Trobe Reading Room.

Thank you for organizing the day Mieke – it was good to meet so many new people and especially Bubblers I have never met. Many SITHOM2014 members were there too.

Here are a few photos from the stop off at the State Library.

The Hub 1

The Hub 2

        The Galleries

The Dome

Head Librarian’s Conning Tower

Puzzled and Stressed Student

        Famous dude looking down his nose ;-)

Books by the metre

Radial reading spoke

        The Centreline (almost)

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