I offer vibrant photography and artistic design images that add a very creative aesthetic and mood to any environment.  All work is based on an original photograph and then often it is altered through many layers of editing to produce the final result.

I’ve shot over 40,000 photos since 2007. I decided to use an old digital camera with low resolution for a large portion of the pictures to achieve a particular impressionistic result.

I started making visual art in 2006. I had been a passionate art lover for about 8 years and even had worked at an art gallery in Atlanta for one year. Once I started drawing and taking photographs of the drawings and of other things wherever I went, I became increasingly inspired and curious. How much depth is all around me? My photos attempt to show what I think that I’m seeing.

I hope you enjoy them.

I always love to hear feedback, so feel free to share. You may post comments, of course, or email me at rhodeaj@gmail.com.


Andy Rhodes

  • Age: 39
  • Joined: December 2009