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I’ve shot over 30,000 photos since 2007, some of which have been edited and altered by computer for stylistic effect. I used an old digital camera (low resolution – two megapixels), but this created a unique feel and look, don’t ya think?

I started making visual art in 2006. I had been a passionate art lover for about eight years and even had worked at an art gallery in Atlanta for one year. Once I started drawing and taking photographs of the the drawings and of other things wherever went, I became full of wonder. How much depth is all around me? My photos attempt to show what I am thinking that I am seeing.

I hope you enjoy them.

All images are on sale as greeting cards and postcards through through this Red Bubble site, and by mail directly from me as 8 1/2″ × 11″ photo prints for $15 plus shipping (larger sizes are available too). Let me know if you’d like me to ship a picture to you.

Many more of my images can be viewed at, where there are also numerous songs that I’ve written and recorded. Also, new music is often being added to All songs on my Sound Cloud site may be downloaded for free. To do this, click on the downward arrow that is to the right of each track on the main (sets) page or click the “download” button when viewing individual song pages.

I categorize my tunes as “psychedelic folk rock electronic ambient”. I compose rock songs, artsy electronic songs, folk songs, trippy psychedelic songs, instrumentals of just piano or guitar and various combinations of all these sonic forms. These tracks of mine appear to be a cross between the styles of Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Beck, The The, late 1960s psychedelic rock/folk, non-cheesy/non-sentimental new age, industrial, 1980s British alternative rock, 1990s U2, Kraftwerk, a hopeful anti-bleak version of Radiohead, contemporary electronica, late 1970s David Bowie, post-punk, John Fahey, 1980s New Wave pop, noise rock and a positive incarnation of Depeche Mode. What does my music sound like to you?

I also express my spiritual, intellectual and emotional journey with life through a blog regarding the positive and negative aspects to the relationship between religion and culture called “Disagreements I Have With Christianity” at www.disagreementsihavewithchristianity.wordpres.... I plan to turn this blog into a book in the future.

I always love to hear feedback on my art, music and writing, so feel free to share. You may post comments, of course, on any of my sites or email me at I am constantly looking for ways to promote and/or sell my art, music and writing, so if you have any suggestions or networking connections, please tell me about them.



Andy Rhodes (Rhodesian Poet)

  • Age: 39
  • Joined: December 2009