I’ve always been a sensualist, even before I knew the meaning of the word. Anything I could see, touch, taste, smell or feel inspired me.

It amazes me how, over time, I see how we have closed down parts of our senses.

It makes us……less.

I want more.

More of the good stuff.

At RedBubble, I’m hope to share my “more”, my “good stuff”, as an amateur photographer, documenting the day to day life of my family and friends.

Here it is, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the “ugly”. It’s all in the perspective.

I hope you enjoy my work. I’d love to hear your comments.

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Pulling Weeds

Today was quite cool, considering we had the warmest March on record and the high today barely made it to the mid 50’s. It had rained Thursday and continued to drizzle today. / Since my pretty iris took a beating from the rains, it turned out to be the perfect day to pull weeds. / Weeds and invasive plants, which here in St Louis means honeysuckle, onion grass and chickweed (to name but a …
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What a wonderful place!

My very first day here at RedBubble. / Thank goodness for Marian Bendith! I had noticed that we seemed to like similar things: fragrances, photography and animals (especially our pets!) / I’m going to wander around the site and have fun exploring! / Writing, painting, cooking, gardening and taking pictures have been my creative outlets for the past 15 years or so. (No more theater or ball…
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