Good Drugs

My depressed reflection in the rain spattered windowpane. Marital discord.

Harold, born with multiple maladies, worsened post-adolescence, grating on us.

First, motor issues; learning to walk/talk at seventeen.

With changed medication Harold began phonating; animal shrieks and prolonged moans.

Second med change and now its mimicking and Tourretts.

“Hi Harold” I say.

“Hi Harold! Bitchy bitch whore bitch bastard bitch Nnnnnnnnnnnnannng!” He says.

I think Marcy cracked.

I needed to drive Harold to neurology so we got in the car.

“Kill you both errrrrooooooongeh shit bitch shit!”

I froze; Harold violent? Had he changed?

“I’ll cut the breaks! Bastard bitch shit ooooooommmmgeh shit shit”

I watched Harold in the passenger seat wondering.

“Better off without you assholes! shit bastard shit!"

I heard thumping; Marcies’ muffled voice in the trunk.

“Yoo meow meow rowr rowr roodih!”

Harold laughed translating. “You let me out right now or you die! Bastard bitch shit shit”

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A father is faced with the possibility that his multi-challenged son might be violent.


humor, mimicry, medications, turretts, phonation


  • Anthea  Slade
    Anthea Sladealmost 5 years ago

    Wow you have certainly captured the tragedy and the out of controlness of turretts. Stunning dialogue. Can feel the urgency of the issue. Great ending once again Rhino.

  • Thanks Anthea. I have a masters in conseling believe it or not. But I find the entire industry a farce. Some is good most bad. That is why I do not practice. I believe in owning one’s life and being independent. Don’t get me started on the pharmacuetical industry… Better to do art and writing; more Zen there than a thousand therapy sessions. Yaddah yaddah. Glad you like it. Cheers, Rhino

    – Rhinovangogh

  • sarahhoffman
    sarahhoffmanalmost 5 years ago

    I have a masters in counseling too and feel the same way about the drug industry…i work in a psychiatric facility for children and adolescents and there are constant drug battles being waged…your story here is very fitting…thank you for sharing!

  • The irony is that the drugs that exacerbated the homelife causing mom’s collapse, were what provided a warning and understanding of the situation to the dad via the sons’ symptoms.. The boy was innocent all along, The drugs problematic to say the least. Cheers, Rhino

    – Rhinovangogh

  • JRGarland
    JRGarlandalmost 5 years ago

    Thanks to you I finally get it. Brilliant work Rhino. I love this story.

  • Zolton
    Zoltonalmost 5 years ago

    Better to do art and writing; more Zen there than a thousand therapy sessions. Yaddah yaddah.. Bless you for that. RB cures a lotta ills. Not to poke at real issues which are serious. Counseling gave me my self esteem and dignity with the understanding that the rest is up to me AND that I’m in charge of that, which is good. But… that’s cause I found the right person to help and not some ear hole with a timer. Never been around this before, so I wouldn’t know, but your story shed light on the difficulties of the parents.

  • Hi Zolton, Thanks for the response. I am one of the antipsychiatrist types who eschew drugging otherwise sound and capable minds. I think rest and exercise is ten thousand times better than pills. I also think that people ar eled to believe in the myth of madness and helplessness in the face of difficulties navigatng the modern world. All anyone needs is tools and an attitude towrds survival. The medical model encourages independence not autonomy which people really need. “Godaddam the pusher man” (Steppenwolf 1968) I loved your term earhole! :-) Cheers Zolton, you are right RB is a healthy place.

    – Rhinovangogh

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