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Hyacinth Yun by Rhinovangogh Cristiana Revisited by Rhinovangogh

Work In Progress

slow-river-leaves / fire orange in ice water

Hungry in Sestakovits’ Spectacles

Blurred canvas / Cloudy eyes / Sagging face


I sit as a spec on my mountain; surrounding thunderheads roil on a deep blue sky as the earth slides slowly round again.
Buggin' by Rhinovangogh

Rhino on the Trail

An addled mind / He remembers though / Smiles

Bon Voyage

So what of those souls who aimlessly amble through life as if there were no more adventures waiting, and nothing exciting to be found aroun…

Rhino Sleeps With Lear

Yesterday outside naked / Clothes and reason neglected / But an old painter can have spectacles
Nations' Horse Two by Rhinovangogh "Mine Eyes Have Seen..." by Rhinovangogh


With careless daubs his heavy brush had faded her with sad tones and merciless shadow. It took him decades to clean off the soot and dust o…
Nations' Horse One by Rhinovangogh Midnight at Dolan by Rhinovangogh My New Hat by Rhinovangogh Sadness Remains by Rhinovangogh Just A Shot Away by Rhinovangogh

The Bucket Heads

… all inhabitants on the dark side of Nu Turain to be fitted with 2 gallon titanium buckets to be worn on the head. …
 Nuclear Japan by Rhinovangogh For Gladness by Rhinovangogh

My First Portrait

What was it she had said? / You really got my dimples? / My mother wants to frame it?

Finally Waking Up

Ruminations about cost, delays and true love / Masterpieces incomplete

The Rape of Freedom

Masters in the home of the brave / These clever Hyenas
 Posterity and Promise  by Rhinovangogh Through the Fog It Came by Rhinovangogh Hyacinth Yun by Rhinovangogh

Letter To a Friend in Jail

The whispy little granola girl with glasses named Michelle is now named Mike, has a beard and she mentioned, she has a renewed interest in …

The Yellow Thong

…I stammered, it’s just that..” I turned pale feeling nauseous. Should have kept my mouth shut…

The Sleeping Enemy/Lover

…A mirror glares in disgust / Blue and black and gray…

Let Me In/Out

…I pried with fierce hands / a door that wouldn’t move…
I have been doing the Mini-mal art possible. by Rhinovangogh

Justine and Kate

Their hands collided as Justine was intending to take the badges out for further inspection. He liked the feel of her hand on his …

Dreadful Circus

a heap where lay / Miss Hope / Miss Take / Miss Congeniality
No Title circa 1993 by Rhinovangogh Study of Hyacinth Yun by Rhinovangogh

Locomotive Moments

The behemoth rests uneasy in harness / tethered to a rusted and frozen locomotive
Sir Walter Evans by Rhinovangogh Detail 4 by Rhinovangogh Detail 3 by Rhinovangogh Detail 2 by Rhinovangogh Detail 1 by Rhinovangogh Saint Walter Evans by Rhinovangogh Tilting  At Holland by Rhinovangogh

Untie Me (Come Home)

I sewed a yellow ribbon; attached near my heart with a thread of golden hope. / You did not return after your promised year.
Taking Flight by Rhinovangogh

A Bum’s Story

The real truth of my life, lies somewhere between Missoula Montana and where I am now. This is just another cold and damp place I call home.

A Coffee Dream

When I slept I dreamed of justice / In the mission charity line I spoke with others like me / we had our dreams stolen by ruthless , cleve…

When the Big-Boys Forsake the Rules

Castles crumble and fall / strained by iniquity’s greed / When big-boys forsake the rules

Standing in the Pits

In the kitchen an empty fridge gurgled / Dirty pots glued together with yesterday’s sustenence / A cockroach raced his brother toward…

Covington Cross

“But the intelligence and planning, surely this is cavalier and unwarranted risk!”

The Day’s Eye

I grabbed the closest woman and clapped shackles on her. “Come along Sunshine.”

Vegas Will Get You

The elevator opened into a large room. Twenty well-dressed executive types sat around the table with cards and drinks and chips, looking at…

Silent Nell

Going to Afghanistan, gone to fight the Taliban

Aye Chihuahua!

When I tried to respond he stuck his tongue in my mouth!

Wife Whisperer

POPULAR ELECTRONICS showed me how to wire our home security alarm to the VCR ON/OFF.

Round Wheels

The girls momentarily left. I told Hal how Judith pedaled us here. We laughed uproariously!

Driving Me Crazy

As difficult as it would be to turn the long vehicle around, I pulled over.

Painting Deep Blue

Grinning kids kicked circles in the sand with tender toes


“If we find a town, we’ll get food and water and fresh clothes and nobody gives up ya hear?”

Contrived Love

I looked in to her eyes embarrassed beyond words.

Spirit People

I was elated but it was exasperating to not understand her ancient tongue.

Desperate Scramble

Rhino my husband went down fast. It sickened me to hear the thud and his yell of pain.
Puss N Bowls by Rhinovangogh Lust by Rhinovangogh Leap of Grace by Rhinovangogh Iniquity by Rhinovangogh Shy Harlequin by Rhinovangogh Bunny's Boy Seiya by Rhinovangogh Baby Blue by Rhinovangogh Calamity by Rhinovangogh Infinity by Rhinovangogh Symmetry by Rhinovangogh

Bread Winner

“I guess I can bare another day in the salt mines.”


Train stations are great places for “business”. A public handoff.


“That’s all the men talked about when we packed the Electric Clydsdales.”

Ludmila Changes

I barely remembered this kind, albeit, really masculine woman in front of me.

Fire Escape


My Removal

I put the barrel in my mouth, jamming steel against my molars

A Little Annoyed

I slapped him hard; over my Mr. Coffee machine, into the aisle!

My Rescue Boat

How I get into these situations is beyond me.
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